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Top 5 Best Magic: The Gathering Rap Music Videos Every Planeswalker Should Watch


Over the years, Magic: The Gathering, the popular trading card game from Wizards of the Coast, has inspired various content creators and even an MTG Hall of Famer to write rap songs about the best game in the world, and create music videos featuring the cards or the characters featured in Magic's lore.

I've ranked five of the best Magic: The Gathering rap music videos you can watch now, and highligthed the best part of their songs, so check them out: 

  1. Tapped Out - MTG Rap - by RUSTAGE and Shwabadi

    YouTuber Rustage is best known for his rap music videos inspired by Japanese anime and other geek topics like this Tapped Out - Magic: The Gathering Rap song he did with Shwabadi. This rap video may have a homemade budget but you can see the hard passion these guys have for the game as you watch them play Magic while spitting a bunch of MTG references in a powerful way. Watch the video: 


    Hottest part: 

    "Think you're winning? That's a misinterpretation

    I'll stop your grin with ability activation

    So many creatures, I could form a new nation

    Building up my army in the hour of devastation"


  2. Magic (MTG): The Rap by GoRemy

    YouTuber GoRemy is the oldest Magic: The Gathering rap song in this list, and I thought it's a great mix of comedy, old school MTG references like "Savannah" and "Lightning Bolt, and weirdly surprising and hilarious metaphors and jokes that mention Jerry Dandusky and Oksana Bayoul (Google them). There's also a nice reference to Alex Bertoncini's alleged cheat at the Star City Games Kansas City with the If you love old school Magic and clever metaphors, this is a must-watch rap video for you. 

    Watch the video here: 

    Hottest bars:

    Draw seven cards and I look at my hand

    I'm like a Palestinian I ain't got no land!

    Looking to buy? Well, guy, I be your man

    I'm your one stop shop when it comes to contraband

    Collectable foils best check on your eyelids

    So many $10 cards you'd think that this was Papyrus


  3. Magic the Gathering Rap Battle (Jace vs Chandra) by None Like Joshua

    Jace and Chandra, two of Magic's most iconic Planeswalkers, are fellow Gatewatch members, but in None Like Joshua's MTG rap video, they unleash their destructive lyrics against each other, unleashing harsh references about their spells and story details that only true Magic players would understand. The video features official animated footage of the planeswalkers from Wizards of the Coast



    Hottest Bars: 


    You'll want to forget that this happened

     But I can help with that shit

    What you love turning into ashes

    I'll bet the carpet and drapes are matchin."


    You've forgotten I'm the one who saved your sorry ass

    Man no wonder you ain't got a friend from your mindless past

  4. How I Became World Champion of Magic: The Gathering Arena by Dan Bull

    In August 2019, 36 influential celebrities and experts from France, Germany, and the United Kingdom competed in the Magic: The Gathering Celebrity Cup, and YouTuber/ rap artist Dan Bull and England's Mythic Championship 1 Champion Autumn Burchett ended won the whole tournament. Inspired by his victory, Bull wrote and recorded a rap song about his experience winning the Celebrity Cup, and it's called How I Became World Champion of Magic: The Gathering Arena.

    The Wizards of the Coast-sponsored video made it seem like he's a bigshot in the competitive scene of Magic as the video features footage from the Celebrity Cup, Magic Arena promotional footag,e and Bull just being silly with deckboxes. The hook is kind of catchy and the lyrics show Bull's incredible energy and humor. Watch the video here: 



    Hottest bars: 

    "I'm a swell singer when I start my sets

    I'm a spellslinger with my starter sets

     Sat focused, known as the Black Lotus

    Cause I'm playing hard to get



    cards aren't the only commodity I collect

    I'm also amassing a mass of the massivest wins

    With which I command respect"

  5. The Storm by The Gatherin

    Did you know that American Magic: The Gathering Hall of Famer Patrick Chapin is also a rap artist? 

    Back in 2011, Chapin and Bill Boulden (a.k.a. Spruke) formed a partnership called The Gatherin, and launched a rap album loaded with songs about Magic, and the best one is called The Storm, which highlights Chapin's memorable 2007 Magic World Championship finals match against a fellow MTG Hall of Famer Gabriel Nasiff. The Storm made it to the top of this list for having the catchiest hook, and intense verses that only a true Magic expert could spit. Chapin raps about the Dragonstorm deck he used against Nasiff, and how their game went. Although Chapin didn't end up winning the World Championship trophy, this song eternalized that spectacular match. Watch the rap video for The Storm below: 


    Hottest bars: 

    Never go against Gaby

    In a game of "who's most lucky"

    Up two-one after game three,

    He mulls to four, insanity

    Seemed hopeless for the Frenchie

    Developed our mana, when we

    Brace for the storm to come, he

    Plays Lotus, clocks on three

    Two turns before I know he's Going off, suspend Bolt, geeze

    Gab knows its time and so he's

    Faced to the storm says "go, please"

    Time to test my expertise

    Rift Bolt, Tarfire, you know, keys

    Rite of Flame, Grapeshot copies

    Five copies Ignite Memories

    Didn't know his cards In the short run

    They turned out Five, two, and one

    With only nine life Gab looked done

    If he hits Ignite Memories

    I've won On top of that He had to hit Grapeshot

    No more than three Times, not a great spot

    This was match that We never forgot"


    If you enjoyed The Gatherin's rap song, you may also want to check out their Jace the Mind Sculptor rap: 

    Hottest bars: 

    "Tried to tell everybody alive

    Buy Jace while he's still twenty-five

    Fateseal, Brainstorm, Unsummon guys

    Ultimate they never survive

    I've been putting protective cases

    on hundreds since they had Jace-faces

    Four abilities cover all bases

    truth is every card game has aces"


    I'm sure some of you would disagree with how I ranked these MTG rap videos, so feel free to discuss which MTG rap videos you love best in the comments section below.

    Hopefully, we'll see more rap songs with MTG references, and with game's rise of popularity over the years, I'm sure we will get some that will probably make me update this list. Let me know on my Twitter if you discover a new MTG rap song worth including in this list. 

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