Top 20 Gifts for Star Wars Fans in 2016

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Photo Credit: Kylo Ren Figure photo by Wacko Photographer

Looking for that perfect gift for a Star Wars fan, perhaps yourself? Well look no further! Here is our gift guide for all the coolest gadgets and gizmos for those awesome enough to be one with the Force! This list will inspire you to give some great gifts for the Star Wars fans in your life!

  1. T-Shirts

    There are so many cool t-shirts, it’s hard to pick just one to buy! My personal favorite include, this Rogue One t-shirt and this one with the Empire’s logo. There’s also funny shirts like this one that says “may the mass times acceleration be with you.” Several sites have a good variety of shirts, Amazon and the You know the taste of who you’re buying for best, so give them a browse and pick out something stylish!

  2. Rogue One Tickets

    While this isn’t merchandise, I think that this is the best gift you can give to a Star Wars fan. Chances are, they’ve already seen Rogue One. But they’re not going to say no to seeing it again! The reviews for the movies have been good And since there will be a new Star Wars movie every year, this could be the beginning of a holiday tradition where you and your loved ones go see the newest tales of a galaxy far, far away. Link to purchase.

  3. BB-8 USB Car Charger

    Oh my gosh isn’t this just about the cutest thing! Not only does this car charger look good in your cup holder, BB-8’s head also swivels, beeps and dances. How adorable is that? Fortunately, if you need to turn that feature of, there is a mute setting. You can charge it in a 12V vehicle power adapter, aka a cigarette lighter. Unlike most car charges, BB-8 has two USB ports and the voltage to power two devices at once! This product is official Star Wars merchandise, but it is exclusive and Think Geek’s brick-and-mortar stores. Link to purchase.

  4. Extendable Lightsabers

    If you want something more appropriate for kids, this extendable lightsaber is a good choice. Me and my brother used to whack each other with them and never hurt ourselves too badly with them. Toy ‘r Us sells Kylo Ren’s saber. But if you’re uncomfortable giving your child a the lightsaber wielded by a parent-killing maniac, there was also other characters’ lightsabers available for purchase. There’s even lightsabers that aren’t in the movies like the product featured on the next page.

    Link to purchase

  5. Star Wars Bladebuilders

    Building a lightsaber is an essential part of a Jedi’s training. This toy allows you to mimic that process and create something new and creative that hasn’t been seen in the movies! This product is probably best for children, since the blades and parts are not as high quality as the FX lightsabers. Kids will enjoy taking the blades apart and putting them back together in different ways. Perhaps they’ll create their own Jedi character based on the blades they make! LInk to Purchase.

  6. FX Lightsabers

    These Star Wars Force FX Lightsabers are just the thing for any Star Wars fan. They may be on the pricier side, but they are just the thing for anyone who loves the films. These sabers come in four varieties; Kylo Ren’s, Luke’s blue one, Luke’s green one and Darth Vader’s. All have realistic looking and feeling hilts. Unfortunately, the blade does not retract into the hilt. Instead, it is about three feet of polycarbonate that makes power-up sounds when you turn it down, hums as it sits idle, clangs against what it hits and makes a power down sound when you’re done. They are fun not only to look at, but also to pretend to be a Jedi with! Link to Purchase.

  7. Nerf Sergeant Jyn Erso Deluxe Blaster

    Speaking of awesome toys, Nerf made an awesome replica of Jyn Erso’s blaster! The blaster is good for both casual fun shooting foam darts at your friend and for cosplay. The toy blaster is motorized, allowing it to fire six rapid shots off. 4 AA batteries are required for this feature though. Thank the Force it shoots nerf darts instead of blaster bolts. It would not be nearly as fun to play with something that could cause injury or worse. The toy is bright orange so cosplayers will have to paint it in order to make a movie accurate costume. Link to purchase. 

  8. Lightsaber Wallhooks

    No, they are not life size, but they are still pretty cool. These wall hooks create the illusion that a lightsaber is burning through your wall. They’re pretty sturdy since they made of plastic and steel. Perfect for hanging up your BB-8 bag, Jedi knight robes, or fabulous Tatooine poncho. The package comes with two wall hooks, one that looks like Luke’s blue saber and the other looks like Vader’s. Personally, I would have liked to have wall hooks that look like Obi-Wan Kenobi’s and Qui-Gon Jinn’s sabers because they actually used their lightsabers to cut through a wall. Link to purchase. 

  9. Darth Vader Toaster

    This toaster is perfect for people who like their toast a little on the Dark Side. Get it? Because toast turns dark when it burns? Wait, saying this will burn your toast probably won’t convince you to buy it. Let’s try another tack. Anyways, this Vader shaped toaster will imprint the Star Wars logo on your bread. No joke, you can eat the Star Wars logo everyday. The extra wide slots can accommodate bagels, and most excitingly, there’s a pull out tray to make cleaning up crumbs easy and fast. Like it’s model was strong in the Force, this toaster is powerful when it comes to cooking. Link to purchase.

  10. R2-D2 Nutcracker

    This is R2-D2 Nutcracker combines holiday tradition with Star Wars fun. Let’s face it, Christmas time is not Star Wars time, since we’re getting a movie every year around the holiday season. So why not combine the two things with this lovely nutcracker? Link to purchase. 

  11. Star Wars Accordion Sunshade

    Who doesn’t want to be a part of the Millennium Falcon crew? Hang out with Han and Chewie, learn to use the force with Ben and Luke. And this sunshade allows you to make your car into the Falcon while protecting the interior from the sun. This may seem like a summer item, but even if hot car interiors aren’t a problem where you live, it’s guaranteed to get at least a chuckle and an exclamation of “that’s awesome!” out of who ever sees it. Link to purchase.

  12. Darth Vader Self Stirring and Spinning Mug

    Use the Dark Side of the Force to stir your morning beverage! Actually, you just press a button, but since this self-stirring cup doesn’t require any batteries, it definitely feels like you’re using the Force. At $19.99, it runs a little price for a cup, but it’s an excellent price for such a neat little gadget. If the Light Side is more your speed, there’s a Yoda version available as well. Whatever side you take, this would be an excellent addition to any Star Wars fans’ kitchen cabinet. Link to purchase. 

  13. Star Wars Stormtrooper Silicone Oven Mitt

    As old internet joke goes, “Come to the Dark Side, we have cookies.” Turns out, the Dark Side really does have cookies! Stormtroopers use this silicon glove to pop their delicious dark chocolate-chip cookies in and out of the oven. The silicon will protect your fingers from the heat of the oven and the ridges on the finger tips will keep the pan from slipping. If you know a Star Wars fan who spends any time in the kitchen (and that’s all of us, we need to eat too!) this would be the perfect gift! Link to purchase

  14. BB-8 Life-Size LED Floor Lamp

    Yes, you read that right. Life size. This BB-8 lamp will light up your room and look adorable. The lamp comes with three right settings, cold white, warm white and amber. And of course it has an off setting for when you want to get some sleep. To turn on and off, you just book BB-8 on the head. This function but decorative lamp would look good in any scavengers hideout or Resistance base. Link to purchase. 

  15. The Heir to the Empire Trilogy by Timothy Zahn

    No, it’s not technically canon anymore. But before we had The Force Awakens, we had The Heir to Empire Trilogy by Timothy Zahn as the sequel. But without it, and it’s financial success, we wouldn’t have the sheer volume of Star Wars novels out in the world right now. The story is face paced, the plot is intriguing and the old character are the ones you know and love. This novel also introduces important characters to the EU like Mara Jade, Talon Karrde and Grand Admiral Thrawn. The latter was reintroduced to canon in the Star Wars: Rebels cartoon. This is definitely a good pick for anyone who loves the written word and Star Wars. Link to purchase.

  16. Aftermath by Chuck Wendig

    If who you’re buying for wants something in the current Star Wars canon, Aftermath is the perfect read. As the title suggests, this novel explores what happened after the original trilogy. But unlike Heir to the Empire, it focuses on minor characters like Wedge Antilles and new character like Nora Wexley as they deal with the remnants of the once organized and powerful Empire.

  17. Play-Doh Star Wars Millennium Falcon Can-Heads

    Kids seem to just automatically pick up on Star Wars. Maybe they hear about it from their peers, maybe they see ads for the movies and toys. This PlayDough set was designed with those little ones in mind. It’s shaped like the Millennium Falcon and has containers of PlayDough with pictures of the cast on it. If you want to introduce your little one to the franchise or they already know about it, but don’t think they’re ready for the movies, this PlayDough set is perfect. Link to purchase.

  18. Star Wars Pendants

    If you have someone who wants to show off their love of Star Wars, these pendants are a perfect way to do so. They’re stainless steel and one inch across. There’s a Boba Fett pendent for the fans of the Mandalorian bounty hunter, a Rebel Alliance symbol for the fans of the scrappy Rebels and a tie fighter and a stormtrooper helmet for fans of the Empire. They go with just about any outfit and look incredibly classy. Link to purchase.

  19. Rey Hooded Scarf

    Rey used her scarf to keep the sands of Jakku out of her hair and eyes, but you can use it to bundle up the winter season. Unlike other scarves, this will keep your neck and head warm with a hood that pulls up over your head. This hooded scarf duplicates Rey’s look from the beginning of The Force Awakens. It’s one hundred percent acrylic and even includes little goggles! This scarf will show off your love of Star Wars and keep the wearer warm. What more could you want? Link to purchase.

  20. LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon

    The set is perfect for both the kids and adults. Adults will love the challenge of putting together their favorite spaceship. Kids won’t have the patience for it, but they get over a thousand pieces of lego to play with! Plus figures of their favorite characters like Han, Finn, Rey, Chewie and Leia. This set is fun for the whole family and highly recommend as a gift for Star Wars and Lego fans. Link to purchase.