Top 11 Reasons To Be Excited About Battle For Zendikar

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The new Magic: The Gathering set Battle For Zendikar is almost here, and I think it's one of the most exciting sets in recent memory. There's a lot of awesome new Eldrazis, "Devoid" or colorless spells, Ally creatures, "Awaken" cards, and lands, lands, lands! Check out this list of 11 reasons to be excited about Battle For Zendikar

  1. The New Ulamog!

    Ulamog, one of the big Eldrazis introduced in the Rise of the Eldrazi set, is back! He might not have the overpowered Annhilator mechanic, but he looks more badass than ever. 

    Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger will definitely see play in Standard and Modern formats. Even if this Eldrazi gets countered, you can still exile two permanents if you cast it from your hand! With a bunch of ramp spells in this new set, expect this to be one of the biggest game-changers in the new Standard. 

  2. Bring To Light Combos

    Bright to Light is another card that will see play in Modern as it fits well in Modern Spaceshift decks, and it will definitely bring a lot of new crazy combo decks. I'm also thinking of using this card in Standard. I think this is great with the new Jace from Magic Origins

  3. New Allies!

    Allies are back in Battle For Zendikar! Many Ally cards have Enter the Battlefield Effects. And with Ally Encampment and March of the Tomb, I think Allies could make an impact in Standard and Limited formats. 


  4. New Full-Art Basic Lands

    Like the previous Zendikar set, Battle For Zendikar includes full-art basic lands, and there are 4 new art for each land in this set. As you can see above, Noah Bradley's art look pretty. 

  5. Basic Enters-The-Battlefield Lands

    This cycle of common lands come into play tap, but their enter-the-battlefield effects are not bad. I think Skyline Cascade is the best of the five, and it's just a common! It's good to have affordable lands in this set. 

  6. New 'Mid-Range' and Big Eldrazi

    Ulamog isn't the only playable Eldrazi in this set. Even though they're not as powerful as Ulamog or Emrakul, they offer a lot of useful abilities like exiling your opponent's cards and making Eldrazi Scion tokens that could help you ramp for the bigger Eldrazi or Ugin. 

  7. Enemy-Colored Creature Lands

    Two of the enemy-colored lands of this block will be included in this set, and although they neither offer the raw stats of some of the previous Zendikar creature lands, they have abilities that we've never seen in creature lands before. I think both Shambling Vent and Lumbering Falls will see some good play in the new Standard format. 

  8. Battle For Zendikar Planeswalkers

    Good-bye Ashiok and Elspeth! (They will cycle out of Standard) 

    Hello Ob Nixilis, Gideon, and a new Kiora!

    These three new Planeswalkers from Battle For Zendikar will definitely make an impact in the new Standard. The new Gideon is so good, and a lot of players would agree that this is the best card in the set. Ob Nixilis will definitely see play in Control decks. He can protect himself and that "Phyrexian Arena" ability is sweet. Of these three Walkers, I think I'm looking forward to play the new Kiora the most. I think she's great with the new Jace. 

  9. Retreat to Coralhelm Combo

    Like Jeskai Ascedancy, this card is for the combo players. 

    In Standard, this enchantment is great with Shaman of Forgotten Ways. Turn-3 Shaman, turn-4 Retreat to Coralhelm. Tap for 2, fetchland, untap, tap to 4, fetch, untap, tap to 6, and tap the new land to throw down a 7-drop on the 4th turn! 

    In Modern, Retreat to Coralhelm is great with Knight of the Reliquary. You can bring out a bunch of fetchlands until it's 20/20, tap all their blockers, and swing for the win! 


  10. 'Tango' Basic Land Type Duals

    We now have fetchlands and fetchable duals in Standard, so players will have more options to build a more versatile manabase with their interactions. I think we'll see more 4 to 5-color decks in the new Standard. A lot of players are already calling them the "Tango" lands (Get it? It takes two!) 

  11. Shock and Fetch Expeditions

    There's a small chance you can pull one of these stunning super mythic lands when you crack a pack of Battle For Zendikar. They'll probably be worth more than a $100 each. Expedition cards add a lot of excitement to cracking Battle For Zendikar packs. 

    Additional Battle For Zendikar info: 

    Prerelease Events:

    September 26-27, 2015 

    Release Date:

    October 2, 2015