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Top 10 Strongest One Piece Characters Who Don't Use Haki

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After the New World Era of One Piece, a prerequisite for a character to be considered strong is that they should know how to use Haki. There are characters that are considered the strongest in the world despite not having any Devil Fruit abilities as long as they have great experience in using Haki.

So those who do not have Haki seem to be all the more special in the New World. We celebrate this time for those who do not need to learn Haki to be considered a contender.


  1. Lao G

    With so many Haki users nowadays, it may come as a surprise that most of the Donquixote Family are not Haki users despite being among the top pirate crews in the world. It can be argued that among the officers under the elites, Lao-G is the most powerful.

    Don't let that old age fool you, he is an experienced martial arts master who was Trafalgar Law's fighting teacher when he was young.

    With his Jio-Ken style of fighting, he can overwhelm powerful and experienced fighters like Chinjao, and if he really wants to go all out, he can bring back the raw strength of his prime.

  2. Franky

    With all the robotic upgrades and metallic toughness, Franky can get into a fight of endurance even among the best Zoan users among the best of the Yonko crew of the Beast Pirates.

    By the time of this list, Franky has already beaten one of the Tobiropo. A group of elite Zoan fighters where even the two members with the lowest bounties can give Luffy a run for his money.

  3. Nico Robin

    As a Devil Fruit User, Nico Robin is among the most versatile. After the time skip, her Hana Hana no Mi abilities can now sprout giant limbs, clones of her own body, and a demonic form called "Demonio Fleur."

    By now, Nico Robin has already defeated Black Maria of the Tobiroppo, who has the second-highest bounty in the group of 480,000,000 Beli.

  4. Crocodile

    Due to the introduction of Haki, there is a mystery why a Shichibukai such as Crocodile does not use any type of Haki. Did he just choose not to use Haki in his fight with Luffy in Alabasta? That would be really hard to believe.

    That being said, he is a powerful big name without it. Among the Logia Fruit users, Crocodile seems to be one of the most powerful, only under overpowered characters such as the Admirals and Eneru.

    In the Marineford Arc, he is able to bravely face Doflamingo and Mihawk in a fight without having any injuries after. He then has the bravery to get on Sakazuki's way in trying to capture Luffy.

  5. Rob Lucci

    We do not have any canonical confirmation if Rob Lucci knows any Haki right now. What we do know is that he is the best CP9 agent in history without it, which gave Luffy just as much of a challenge as Crocodile before him.

    He is so strong that Who's-Who of the Tobiroppo compares himself to Rob Lucci despite having one of the highest bounty among the Yonko crew.

    Why the World Government does not teach their elite assassins the common Marine Ability of Haki, is beyond any fan.

  6. Gekko Moriah

    Despite considered being too weak to be a Shichibukai, his powers of using shadows, make him almost unstoppable in Thriller Bark. If he ever attained the body of any dead big name such as Whitebeard or Gol D. Roger, then God help us all.

    In Thriller Bark, he spent most of the arc not moving at all and he was still an all-powerful villain in that.

  7. Bartholomew Kuma

    Is it weird that 3 from the original Shichibukai line-up do not have Haki do not have any signs of using Haki despite the group being among the Three Great Powers? Yes. Does Bartholomew Kuma need it? No. He is already overpowered enough. He has a tough cyborg body that a pre-time skip Sanji cannot kick. He can shoot lasers similar in power to Admiral Kizaru. His Devil Fruit Ability is among the most broken in the series. Leave this man without Haki. It is only fair for the rest of the world.

  8. Magellan

    Magellan may possibly be Luffy's most powerful one-on-one opponent pre-time skip. He is able to defeat Luffy back in the day without any effort, and unlike any enemy before him, Luffy cannot just simply get up for round 2, it took the biggest miracle just for him to face Magellan again.

    This is the man even the biggest pirates cannot challenge. Two Shichibukai like Crocodile and Jimbe chose to run away from him than to face this monster. Impel Dawn Arc was not about defeating Magellan, it was about staying away from him as much as possible.

    It took Magellan only a second to defeat the Blackbeard Pirates. The entire course of the One Piece world would have been different if Blackbeard was not saved from faith that day he met Magellan.

  9. Caesar Clown

    Everybody may have forgotten because he became a comedy relief villain after his introduction, but Caesar Clown is a powerhouse. The prerequisite in defeating Caesar Clown is one must have Haki, period. A Shichibukai like Trafalgar Law was afraid of him, and the first time Caesar Clown met Luffy, it took Caesar no effort to take him down. Even the most powerful players are vulnerable to Caesar's attack of simply cutting off their breathing in an instance.

    His poisonous body is beyond the level of Magellan, who Caesar calls an amateur comparison to him.

  10. Nami

    Nami may be the least physically impressive fighter on this list, and anyone on this list can take Nami down with just a punch, but she is still the strongest fighter with no Haki. Why? Because Zeus has catapulted Nami to another level.

    The range of Nami's weather attack was already impossible to escape from in the past, but now that Zeus is on her side, her weather attacks can one-hit anyone in this list, and can possibly even kill them with that one hit.

    In the Whole Cake Island Arc, Nami's lightning attack as enhanced by Zeus is the only attack strong enough to hurt Big Mom in any solid way despite having Sanji, Jimbe, and Luffy by her side at that moment. It did not stop her, but it slowed her down, and if that attack hit anyone lesser than a Yonko, it would have killed them.

    If Zeus's lightning attack did some damage to Big Mom, what is stopping Nami from doing damage against Kaido?

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