Top 10 Cutest baby Yoda Moments in The Mandalorian

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Let's get this all straight, Baby Yoda is a corporate tool. A cynical manipulative merchandising tool fed on to us unthinking masses, so we would all give Disney a piece of our well-earned money when we buy Baby Yoda toys, t-shirts, and so on from the nearest Star Wars-themed gift shop... Now, where can we buy those bad boys? Oh, look at Baby Yoda, he is so cute. Quick, do the magic hand thing.

In the two seasons of The Mandalorian, we have a lot of scenes to pick on for this list. Needless to say, this list is a challenge -Every Baby Yoda scene is a cute scene. After much deliberation, these are the top 10 cutest Baby Yoda moments.

  1. Baby Yoda Likes His Cookies - Season 2 Episode 4 The Siege

    We have never seen a school in Star Wars before, aside from The Jedi Academy. It's pretty much the same as our world aside from a droid being a teacher. Baby Yoda must be used to this kind of setting, as we like to imagine he went to similar types of mischief with his classmates.

    One of his classmates have a pack of blue cookies and he did not want to share with our Baby Yoda. While the boy is not looking, Baby Yoda used the Force to steal the cookies right under his nose. When the boy looks at his table, the cookie is gone only to see Baby Yoda munching on his cookies. While munching, Baby Yoda looks at the boy with smug satisfaction. Sharing is caring, kids.

    What's funny is that baby Yoda is still eating cookies for the rest of the episode.

  2. Baby Yoda Likes It When the Ship is Crashing - Season 2 Episode 3 The Heiress

    When everybody in the ship is panicking as the Razor Crest is crashing from the sky, Baby Yoda is having a laugh, obviously enjoying the ride. Maybe it is blind faith that Din Djarin will land the ship properly. Maybe Baby Yoda has no idea what is going on. Or maybe, Baby Yoda is just that badass.

  3. Snuggling With The Mandalorian - Season 2 Episode 2 The Passenger

    Trapped in an ice planet with a crashed ship and nothing else to do, Din Djarin suggests that they all sleep for the time being to rest and figure out the rest after they wake up. At this moment, As the Mando is getting ready to sleep, Baby Yoda climbs to his adopted father's lap to snuggle, and falls asleep himself. We imagine that the beskar armor Din is wearing may not be that comfortable for the little guy. That is how we know he really loves his dad.

  4. Baby Yoda Likes the Tadpole - Season 2 Episode 3 The Heiress

    In the previous episode, Baby Yoda has obsessively been eating the eggs of the Frog Lady during their travel. This did not go too well with some fans as the eggs are the unborn babies of the Frog Lady, and the entire point of the previous episode is to preserve and take care of them. Baby Yoda is just a child so he does not know any better.

    Baby Yoda has a bit of redemption, though because when one of the eggs hatches, Baby Yoda loves the tadpole-like a brother and cannot get his eyes off the newborn. The cutest thing is that when Mando returned from one of his action-packed adventures to get Baby Yoda, Baby Yoda does not want to go yet, visibly struggling as Din Djarin drags him away from the tadpole.

  5. Eating Broth with Din Djarin - Season 2 Episode 4 The Siege

    After a hard day's work of fixing the Razor Crest, father and son take a break to eat their broth. The best part is when they both raised their bowls and eat their broths at the same time. Like father, like son.

  6. Baby Yoda Wants to Tag Along - Season 1 Episode 4 Sanctuary

    Everybody knows that when you tell a toddler something, they will not follow you no matter what you say. Even after Din Djarin tells Baby Yoda to stay in the Razor Crest over and over again, when Din Djarin is about to leave the ship, Baby Yoda is there, ready to leave with him with a little smile. Din Djarin shows a sigh of frustration, but even early in the series, Din obviously has a liking to the little guy. Like any dad, he goes along with it, and we see Baby Yoda walk alongside him with his little legs.

  7. Baby Yoda is Sleeping - Season 2 Episode 5 The Jedi

    Din Djarin is about to say goodbye to the little guy and give him off to Ashoka to be trained as a proper Jedi. But when The Mandalorian is about to do so, he caught Baby Yoda sleeping peacefully. Din Djarin just looks at him as he sleeps, grabbing this little moment as long as he can, knowing that this is the last time he will see Baby Yoda.

    Luckily, once Baby Yoda wakes up, Ashoka informs the duo that she cannot train Baby Yoda and encourages them to search, for there is another. We do not know this for sure, but Din Djarin must be smiling under that helmet of his.

  8. Baby Yoda in a Joy Ride - Season 2 Episode 4 The Siege

    Din Djarin is on one of his action-packed adventures, and Baby Yoda is there in the Razor Crest with him. While Din Djarin is taking care of the enemy TIE-Fighters in an aerial battle that involves a lot of quick maneuvering including getting the ship upside down, Baby Yoda is on the back seat, enjoying the ride with a cookie in hand. He is raising his hands and is laughing throughout the battle as if he is on a roller coaster ride.

    When the battle is over and Din Djarin came in to check up on him, Baby Yoda hilariously barfed his cookie. Like a good Dad, Din Djarin wipes it off his little son.

  9. Messing with the Controls of the Ship - Season 1 Episode 4 Sanctuary

    As we said before, you cannot just tell a child to not do things. Put a kid in front of a room with a lot of shiny buttons, and they are going to try to push them even if we say they shouldn't. This is what happens with Baby Yoda. Din DJarin keeps on telling him not to push the buttons, and like a challenge, he pushes it anyway. The pause Baby Yoda gives as he looks at Din Djarin only to push the button is hilarious. Equally hilarious is that the ship immediately shakes after pushing it. Baby Yoda needs a time-out.

  10. Every Time Someone Says His Real Name - Season 2 Episode 5 and Episode 6

    In this episode, we learned that Baby Yoda's real name is Grogu. That may be true, but in our hearts, he will forever be called Baby Yoda. Baby Yoda is in his maximum cuteness every time someone mentions his real name. Every time someone says "Grogu," Baby Yoda will immediately stop whatever he is doing and look at the one who mentions it with urgency along with a really cute sound of confusion. Oh, Baby Yoda. You will be missed. We hope to see you very soon.


Are there any other Baby Yoda cute moments we missed?