Top 10 Best Moments In Marvel's Hawkeye Series

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Credit: Disney


Marvel's Hawkeye series in Disney+ is an action series akin to classic 90s action movies like Diehard or most Shane Black action movies. A perfect fit for a superhero like Hawkeye, who shares the qualities of being the down-to-earth gruff family man that is usually the hero in most of those types of movies. And like the heroes in those types of movies, he is an underdog with no powers that need to make do with the little resources he has to take on the villains. This ingredients mashing is a formula for a fun series with a perfect balance of jokes and likable characters. 'Tis the season to be jolly as we count down the top 10 best moments of Marvel's Hawkeye.

  1. Kate Bishop Vs The Kingpin

    Who would have known that VincentT D'Onofrio would ever return as Wilson Fisk, not to mention a Wilson Fisk that is officially within the Marvel Cinematic Universe? The real appeal of this scene is finally seeing a Kingpin that can go toe-to-toe with superheroes even if they have superpowers or advanced weaponry. After all, in the comics, his robust appearance is actually the appearance of a man with a body covered by 300 pounds of muscle that can make even superpowered beings weak in comparison. This is not to say that Wilson Fisk in the Netflix Daredevil series is not a beast, but here in a canonized Marvel Cinematic Universe appearance, he can now be hit by arrows and it would not even hurt him. He gets hit by a car with no visible injuries. In his one-on-one battle with Kate Bishop, Kate is just being tossed around. The Kingpin said that Kate is out of his league, and you believe him. It took all of Kate's trick arrows activating at the same time directly at Wilson just to put him down.

  2. Kate Bishop Vs Yelena

    When Kate and Yelen share the screen, magic seems to happen. They have so much chemistry that even if the scene is about Kate trying to stop Yelena from killing Hawkeye, their spark as people who could have been friends if they met in other circumstances comes through. The camera movement of both of them chasing each other through multiple halls is impressive, and we know that Yelena can kill Kate easily, but she just doesn't want to, so she is stuck in this annoying situation where Kate keeps stopping her from running freely to Hawkeye.

  3. Ice Rink Team Up Battle

    To commemorate the official partnership of Clint Barton and Kate Bishop as superheroes, we are greeted with a fireworks display of their teamwork as they fire all the trick arrows we can think of to the hundreds of Tracksuit Mafia members coming their way on the ice rink. We got magnet arrows, smoke bomb arrows, exploding arrows, arrows that fire multiple blades, arrows that fire darts. But wait... there's more- We got airbag arrows, flare light arrows, arrows that do nothing special but can still kill people because arrows can do that even without tricks. On top of that, the Pym particle arrow gag where Clint Barton doesn't know what to do after he shrinks some Tracksuit members is hilarious.

  4. Kate Bishop And Yelena Eats Dinner

    The highlight of the Black Widow movie is Florence Pugh as Yelena, so when we see her in Hawkeye, it is a welcomed surprise. Although her first appearance in episode 4 is so quick we did not have an opportunity to catch up with her or see her chemistry with the cast. This is remedied when Yelena takes a visit to Kate's apartment in the next episode. The good thing is, she is still the quirky person we got to meet in Black Widow - She ambushed Kate in her apartment, helping herself by cooking boxed mac and cheese. She has this fun thick Russian accent as she says Kate's whole name and acts like a foreigner excited to visit New York landmarks, but we don't know where the assassin begins and the friendly foreigner girl act ends, and it makes this a very tense scene where Yelena makes it crystal clear she can kill Kate and her family any time she wants while she smiles at her like a friend.

  5. Rogers The Musical

    One of the funniest jokes in the series is seeing a Broadway musical of The Avengers' battle in New York. That line from the actor playing Steve Rogers, "I can do this all day." in a singing voice is just perfect. Ant-Man is also in the battle of New York for some reason, and we wouldn't dare correct that mistake. Rogers the Musical should be made to be a real Broadway musical. It would be the most successful musical of all time.

  6. Clint's Son Calls His Dad

    What is good about the show is that even when the action stops, it just means we have moments where we get to hang out with these characters. Sometimes that means in their most vulnerable moments. In this scene just after getting away from the Tracksuit Mafias, Clint and Kate rest up in an apartment. Clint still has his hearing aid broken so he cannot hear when his wife's number starts to call him. Since this scene is being shot from Clint's hearing point of view, we do not hear who is on the other line of the phone. Like Clint, we need Kate's help with her pen and paper to know that the person on the other line is not actually his wife but his little boy, Nathaniel.

    Clint goes on with the conversation pretending that he can hear Nathaniel as Kate guide Clint by writing what she can about what Nathaniel is saying. Then Clint says that he won't be home for a few days. As an audience, we know it is because Clint is busy with his superheroing, but we get the sense that the boy knows it too. We don't hear Nathaniel's voice, all we hear is a muffled sound, but we can still feel the change of tone when he realized that his dad might not be home for Christmas. What is heartbreaking is not that Nathaniel cries, it is that Nathaniel maturely understands. When Kate writes "Says it's okay you can't come home for Christmas." an arrow pierced our hearts.

    It should be cheesy, but the expression on Clint's face as he realizes he is disappointing his son really makes us feel for him. We see how vulnerable Clint is at this moment, not only because he cannot be there for his son, but because he cannot even hear him and needs someone's help to talk to him. What might be the most emotional scene in the show is about a boy being disappointed that his dad is not coming home for Christmas.

  7. A Young Kate Bishop Sees Hawkeye Fighting The Chitauri

    The first time we see Kate Bishop is as a little girl. her apartment is going through what seems to be a giant earth quack. It turns out her apartment is actually in the middle of the Chitauri attack in the first Avengers movie. She is a scared little girl, alone whose whole world is crashing around her. That is until he saw the guy fighting the aliens with only a string and a stick. It isn't a guy with superpowers that saved Kate that day, it's just some ordinary guy who is brave enough to do what's right.

    It is the equivalent of a little girl seeing the Avengers movie for the first time, and thinking Hawkeye jumping off a building is the coolest thing in the world. With this opening of the series, we know exactly what Kate Bishop is all about and why she wants so badly for Clint to respect her as a superhero partner in the future. No dialogue required, just good visual storytelling of wrecked building and a little girl in awe.

  8. Maya Lopez's Past

    This serves as our introduction to Maya Lopez, and it does to Maya what the flashback scenes of Kate as a little girl did for Kate - let us know who this person is and what she is all about within just a few minutes. It starts with Maya as a little girl, and it is an insight into how a deaf girl perceives the world around her. She is in a world where no one adjusts to her hearing impairment yet people still expect things from her as if she can hear.

    We learn about her bond with her father. We learn that she is a gifted fighter who can learn fast by mimicking. We learn that she is constantly being underestimated due to her hearing disability and a prosthetic leg yet she proves herself always the superior fighter anyway. We even get to glimpse who the series big bad is for a quick second.

    Most important of all, we learn that she is a reflection of Kate Bishop in a way. Where Kate gets to see Clint in the most heroic light in her past, Maya Lopez gets to see Clint in his worst - As Ronin, the cold-blooded killer who killed his father.

    The moment this flashback ends, we see Maya, not only as an intimidating force but also a complete person we can root for.

  9. A Car Chase With Trick Arrows

    No contest, this is the best action scene in the series. We start with an impressive long tracking shot with the camera in the car with Clint and Kate as they try to get away from the dozens of Tracksuit Mafia chasing them down.

    Not satisfied with being just an action scene, it is also motivated with character beats as this is an opportunity for an introduction to how Clint and Kate work together in a crisis. The catch is, Clint cannot hear anything because his hearing aid is broken, so both Clint and Kate need to coordinate while unable to communicate with each other verbally - Clint in the driver seat, while Kate fires arrows at the chasing enemies.

    The tracking shot may end at some point, but that does not mean the fun stops, because the real fun is Kate trying out Hawkeye's trick arrows. We are at the edge of our seats not knowing what kind of arrow will come next. The biggest crowd-pleaser is the Pym particles arrow - We see Clint and Kate fire arrows together for the first time and who knew that it means one arrow turns the other arrow into a giant arrow. The scene ends with us knowing why we should all carry a plunger arrow.

  10. Clint and Kate's Holiday Night Bonding

    Of all the scenes that showcase the chemistry of both Jeremy Renner and Hailee Steinfeld, this might be the best. Starting from Kate realizing that Clint is lonely, comes to where he is staying to spend what is usually the Barton family annual Christmas movie marathon. What follows is a montage of tender moment after tender moment of Clint and Kate hanging out and bonding. This might even be the first time Clint has a sincere smile through the series, not only in front of Kate but because of her. The scenes are sweet, but they are also very funny, with the winning joke being about the conversation about boomerang arrows.

    As each scene goes by, we see Clint get to warm up to Kate. The fun becomes a scene of pathos as Hawkeye shares how he feels about Natasha's death and his regrets about being Ronin. We get the sense that this is the first time that he ever lay down how he feels in detail to anybody about Natasha and Ronin, including to his family because Clint always needed to look put-together in front of them.

    It is a long scene, and each second hits the bullseye. That is why Clint Barton and Kate Bishop bonding over Christmas movie marathon night is the number 1 moment in the series.


Are there any other great moments we missed?