Tomorrow Episode 3 Release Date & Spoilers: Can Choi Jon Woong Save His Best Friend?

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Credit: The Swoon/YouTube Screenshot

Choi Jon Woong (Kim Ro Woon) has finally found a new job as a grim reaper in the afterlife to save people with suicidal thoughts. However, little did he know he would be handling the case of his best friend, Jae Soo, in Tomorrow Episode 3.

Choi Joon Woon will be risking his life for Jae Soo. However, as he can’t be physically beside him, can he still help his best friend in Tomorrow Episode 3?

Warning: The following content contains spoilers. Read at your own risk.

Tomorrow Episode 3 Spoilers

Choi Joon Wong will be surprised to see his best friend’s name on the red alert app. Now that his only close friend is planning to give up on life, can he do something about it?

Sadly, Choi Joon Wong can’t physically be there for his pal to comfort him. Before the accident that led to his coma, he shared a drink with Jae Soo.

At the time, he didn’t pass the job interview for the nth time. The two had no idea that fateful day would change their lives forever.

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According to OtakuKart News, Jae Soo has been preparing for the Public Services Exam and everybody knows how hard this will be. He finds it hard to accept that he fails the exam, so he wants to take his own life as he sees others pass.

This will be a difficult task for the Crisis Management Team because he’s Choi Joon Wong’s best friend and the key to people’s memories is now broken.

With that said, can they save Jae Soo in Tomorrow Episode 3? Will the harsh words of Goo Ryun (Kim Hee Seon) work this time?

Tomorrow Episode 2 Recap

Tomorrow Episode 2 featured the sensitive topic of bullying. The TV writer, Noh Eun Bi (Jo In), appeared on the team’s app and warned them about her increasing negative energy.

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Eun Bi experienced school bullying before and now, she had to live with it again after her bully, Kim Hye Won (Kim Chae Eun), became a famous webtoon writer. Ironically, Hye Won wrote a story about a bullying victim and sympathized with other victims.

To make matters worse, Eun Bi had to interview her. Seeing this, Choi Jon Wong kept losing his composure, but Goo Ryun warned him not to interfere.

But when they entered Eun Bi’s memories, they saw what kind of a monster Hye Won was back then. In fact, she still bullies Eun Bi today.

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Choi Joon Wong couldn’t stop himself from meddling, resulting in an intense rundown. However, when they reached the real world, Goo Ryun realized the key to memories was broken.

This meant they couldn’t enter anyone’s memory again. Goo Ryun, too, followed a strange way to rescue her victims. Though it worked, it might cause trouble in the future.


Tomorrow Episode 3 is set to be out on Friday, April 8.

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