BTS V Caught Smoking at 64th Grammy Awards: Fans Come To His Defense

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Credit: LQ KPOP/YouTube Screenshot

BTS attended the 64th Grammy Awards in Las Vegas and put everyone in awe with their stunning presence and incredible performance. But aside from the surprising so-called flirting scene between V and Olivia Rodrigo and the group's possible collaboration with Lady Gaga, V's smoking scene made some noise.

V was caught smoking backstage at the 64th Grammy Awards. Though some were surprised by the event, fans still came to his defense.

Fans Defended V's Smoking

V's smoking picture quickly spread on the web like wildfire. It became a topic on different social media platforms and online communities and fans were angered that his picture was taken without his permission, per AllKpop.

Many fans commented on his posted photos on Twitter to defend V. Some said he was already a grown-up man to do whatever he wanted.

"Lots of people smoke when they're stressed," one fan said. "This is his way of coping. huge hugs to taehyung!"

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One fan revealed the photo was from a Saesang or people who invaded idols' privacy and took their pictures without their consent. So, the fan asked everyone not to spread it.

However, some questioned others' comments about taking K-pop stars' photos without their consent.

"If we are going by the rules of all the comments then shouldn't every fan site photo be deleted?" one fan asked. "Every airport pic? All of those are not official photos with permission."

BTS Loses to Doja Cat and SZA at the Grammys

BTS was nominated for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance for their hit song "Butter." However, they lost to Doja Cat featuring Sza's "Kiss Me More."

However, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V and Jungkook remained in high spirits. They thanked their fans for their endless support during the live broadcast after the award's show.

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Though Jimin found it "too bad," they were still thankful to have the chance to attend the event.

"Thanks to ARMYs, we've been able to try this again," he said, per Koreaboo. "It’s too bad we didn’t win, but simply having been here has been meaningful nonetheless.”

V and Jungkook were also thankful to watch many talented artists perform in front of them.

“This is all a great experience for us,” Jungkook said.

“Yeah. Honestly, we got to watch so many amazing performances. So this has been extremely motivating for us,” V added.

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In addition, Suga tried to lift everyone’s mood by saying, what they’d done was already amazing.

“I don’t think we need to feel sad about this at all, guys,” he said.

However, he admitted he was sad after V and Jin admitted they didn’t feel bad at all.

RM, too, revealed he wasn’t satisfied with the results but promised they would feel better after a day.


“I mean, what is there to say? I’m not too happy about it and that’s the truth. I think it’s good to be honest,” he explained. “I’ll be sad today, but I’m going to be okay tomorrow. Tonight, we’re going to have our feelings. And then, by tomorrow, we’ll feel better and we’ll be right back at it.”

Anyhow, BTS had no regrets as they all enjoyed their Grammys’ journey.

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