Tom Holland Thinks Robert Pattinson Is Going To Kill It As DC’s Batman

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There was certainly a whole lot of controversy after word came out that Robert Pattinson was being cast for Matt Reeve's The Batman movie. While some fans were excited to see the actor put on the Dark Knight's cowl, others couldn't really see the Twilight star as DC's new Batman.

Marvel actor Tom Holland, on the other hand, has a whole lot of faith in Pattinson. GQ just recently went on an interview with the Spider-Man: Far From Home star and as part of the media blitz, Holland was also made to go undercover and respond to questions on social media sites like Reddit, Twitter, and YouTube to answer fans' questions.

In the video, the Marvel star logs on to Quora and sees a question where a fan asks "how good would Tom Holland be at playing Batman?"

The answer was simple. According to the Marvel star, he wouldn't be as good a Batman as Pattinson would.

"Well, I wouldn't be as good as my friend Robert Pattinson," Holland said. "He's gonna kill it as Batman. I don't even know if that is actually true, is he actually playing Batman? He is? That's sick, he's gonna kill it and I wouldn't want to go up against him because he's a bit of a beast."

There's a lot of excitement building up over Pattinson's role in the DCEU. Fans might not have had much faith in the actor at first, but Pattinson is proving to be quite the actor. In fact, there's been a whole lot of Oscar buzz surrounding the actor for his phenomenal work in Robert Egger's black and white movie, The Lighthouse.

The Batman is set for release on June 25, 2021.

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