Tom Holland Looks Very Silly Whenever He Drinks Out of His Spider-Man Costume

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Superheroes look pretty cool onscreen, but it's always been a BTS fact that their costumes are far from comfortable. Actors are basically sealed into their costumes for a whole day, and Spider-Man director Jon Watts shared this funny image of Tom Holland drinking coffee out of his Spidey outfit:

Here's also a video of Holland drinking a bottle of water:

No doubt we could get something more official in the future. I guess it could make the BTS reel in the home release of Far from Home.


Now I'm just imagining, if Holland drinks water like that, what if they have another tube that goes deeper into the suit, and that's how he pees out of the outfit?

Spider-Man: Far from Home is set to come out next week, and a lot of people have already been raving about the movie online. This film is set to close The Infinity Saga for the MCU, and I imagine it's going to serve as some kind of epilogue to Endgame. I mean, Iron Man did die in the last movie, but what happens to the rest of the world now that he's gone? How do Peter and the rest of the world cope after coming back to life after five years?

Hopefully, we get some answers, but I'd also like to have a whole new adventure this time around.

Spider-Man: Far from Home hits theaters July 2.

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