Tom Hardy’s Star Wars: The Last Jedi Cameo was Cut for Being Too Funny

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Most Star Wars fans know that Tom Hardy was supposed to have a cameo in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, however, the Venom and Mad Max actor's scene ended up getting cut in the film's editing room – mostly because it was too funny for Episode IX.

Screen Rant just recently discussed Hardy's deleted came in The Last Jedi. The Hollywood A-listed was supposed to share a scene together with Finn (John Boyega), Rose (Kelly Marie Tran) and DJ (Benecio Del Toro) in an elevator on the Supremacy. The scene is tense – Finn, Rose, and DJ are trying to infiltrate Snoke's ship so they can hack the hyperspace tracker that's locked on to the Resistance's vessels. However, the scene gets a strong dose of levity when Hardy, dressed as a stormtrooper, recognizes Finn as one of the First Order's own and congratulates him on his promotion from sanitation to officer. The killer part is that Hardy uses a Southern drawl when he speaks, and then slaps Finn on the behind.

Apparently, it's that kind of levity that got Hardy's cameo cut from The Last Jedi. Director Rian Johnson just found the scene a bit too funny for the film, and the filmmaker felt like the lightheartedness just slowed down the pace of the Supremacy infiltration. There was tension building the moment the Resistance team got on the ship. Johnson didn't want to cut that.


While it's such a shame that Hardy never got his Star Wars cameo, we're sure that Lucasfilm can bring the actor in for another film. After all, Star Wars is head to a new direction now that the Skywalker saga's finally come to an end.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is now streaming on Disney+.

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