Tom Hardy is Teasing Venom vs Carnage for Venom 2 and Fans are Going Crazy

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Venom was one of the most unexpected superhero movies to become a success but the first film ended up making a ton of money despite itself, with a sequel directed by Andy Serkis that still doesn't have a release date. Numerous details have been revealed since, with confirmation that Carnage and Shriek will be the antagonists for Venom 2 or whatever it ends up being called.

Even with Shriek in there, most of us know that Venom 2 will revolve around a big battle between Venom and his "son" Carnage, which is something fans have been waiting to see. While we have no official images or a trailer, Tom Hardy has decided to tease the encounter on his Instagram, almost as if he's teasing something.

It's a simple post; two masks of Venom and Carnage opposite each other but that's not really a problem. Fans love the idea of Venom vs. Carnage since it's basically Edgy Spider-Man taking on Edgier Spider-Man but with more creative attacks, thanks to the nature of Marvel's symbiotes.


We're still not sure if Andy Serkis is talented enough to make Venom 2 better than the original film but if we're honest, that's not going to take much effort. No offense to anyone who likes the first movie but it's not particularly original and the pacing is pretty bad, though things do pick up once Eddie Brock and the symbiote meet each other. Let's hope we get more of their oddball relationship in Venom 2.

No release date for Venom 2 has been announced.

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