Tom Cruise’s The Mummy Makes Enough Money For A Possible Sequel

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Universal's reboot of The Mummy was a giant mess, and was considered a bad movie by most people that saw it. Not helping was the fact that no one really wanted the original series to get a dark and gritty reboot, but that's what fans got, so that it could be part of the new Dark Universe brand. Well it seems like the brand could still have some life in it, since the film just made enough money to be considered a success.

According to a Tweet from Exhibitor Relations, The Mummy recently surpassed the $400 million mark, thanks to it's recent showing in China that racked up $90 million. Interestingly enough, the film was actually the most successful overseas Tom Cruise film, so this might not be as surprising as it sounds. Now that the film has made some money, fans can only hope that future Dark Universe installments, as well as a possible Mummy sequel, fare better.

This is proof that the international box office can be just as important, if not more, than the US. Warcraft faced a similar fate, essentially bombing in the US, but making plenty of money from overseas markets.

When it came out earlier this year, many lambasted the film for being generic and trying too hard to make a Marvel-esque cinematic universe. Despite their inherent cheesiness, many prefer the Brendan Fraser Mummy films, since they were fun and exciting. Universal can only hope that the next Dark Universe installment does better

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