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Tom Cruise Shock: Mission Impossible Star's Removable Dentures Fell Out On Table During Dinner Rendering Guest 'Speechless'

Tom Cruise is one of the most popular actors in his era, and he also got the looks that many women are swooning over. However, the Mission Impossible star allegedly has missing front teeth and is wearing removable dentures.

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Tom Cruise Shock: Mission Impossible Star's Dentures Fell During Dinner


According to Showtime docuseries Gossip, which featured Page Six and Cindy Adams, Col Allan, former Editor in Chief of the New York Post, made a bombshell revelation about Tom Cruise.

They met when Cruise was still dating Katie Holmes. At the time, she was developing a career on Broadway and he wanted to make sure that he stayed out of Page Six. Cruise reportedly asked for a dinner meeting where he and Allan could discuss the actor's "expectations."

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They met at a spot called Circo on 54th street. They sat at a corner table and the Top Gun actor ordered a bottle of wine, and Allan was surprised because the members of Scientology do not normally drink.

According to Allan, they talked about their lives while drinking when Cruise's front teeth fell out of his mouth onto the tablecloth. The latter was shocked and taken aback after seeing Cruise with missing front teeth.

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"The face that’s on posters all over the world, good looking guy, and there are his front teeth," Allan said as quoted by Radar Online before adding that the incident made him "speechless."


"Oh my god, have you seen my teeth?" Cruise asked.

Allan showed Cruise where on the table his dentures fell. And the Jack Reacher star shared the story of why he had to wear removable dentures.

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Tom Cruise Has To Wear Dentures After An Accident With Kids

Cruise explained that he lost his front teeth when he played with his children Isabella and Connor. One of them accidentally kicked him in the face, and their heels struck him in the mouth and knocked out his teeth.

Cruise put his dentures back, which Allan said was an "uncomfortable moment." Allan claimed that Cruise pleaded with him not to say anything about it. He shared the story with Cindy, who wanted to run it but eventually decided against it.

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Tom Cruise Unrecognizable: Netizens Criticized Top Gun Star's Appearance

Last month, Cruise was spotted smiling in the stands while watching Game 2 of the National League Division Series between the Los Angeles Dodgers and San Francisco Giants. Several reacted after seeing the actor in a video shared on Twitter by Chiz Alvarez because he was almost unrecognizable for them.

One asked about his "bloated chipmunk cheeks." Several also speculated if he had undergone surgery to change his looks.

However, many also defended Cruise, saying he just gained weight and still looked the same. He looked better than most men his age, according to his fans.

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