Tom Cruise Shock: Katie Holmes’ Ex-Husband Has A Long List Of Pre-Date Requirements? Actor Worried About Cancer Diagnosis

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Credit: WIRED/YouTube Screenshot

Tom Cruise has been single for years. But just months ago, there were rumors that claimed he fell in love with his Mission: Impossible co-star, Hayley Atwell. These allegations were never proven, but it’s possible that Cruise and Atwell were linked simply because they are starring in a new movie.

Tom Cruise Puts His Prospects To The Test

Globe, in its Dec. 3 issue, claimed that Tom Cruise is back to find his person. However, it has allegedly been a struggle for the actor because he has a long list of requirements that his prospects need to pass.

“The thrice-divorced tomcat has a long list of pre-date requirements many women find daunting. She’s got to pass the personality test and she’s got to be beautiful, accomplished, and keen to integrate Scientology into every aspect of her life,” an unnamed source said.

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Tom Cruise Selfish When It Comes To Love

The unnamed insider added that Cruise’s future girlfriend needs to put her career second because she needs to put the actor and his career first. She also needs to have a tight relationship with Cruise’s adoptive kids, Connor and Bella. And the siblings need to approve of whoever their dad’s prospect is.

Since Cruise is allegedly a perfectionist, he feels the need to audition his prospects. And this will also be his chance to ask the women deeply personal questions.

“He wants to know upfront if they’re compatible. People are saying ‘good luck with that just to his face,” the unnamed source concluded.

Tom Cruise’s Years-Long Cancer Scare

Another reason why Cruise is allegedly in a rush to find a date is because of his cancer scare.

National Enquirer, in its Dec. 13 issue, claimed that Cruise believes he would one day die from metastatic rectal carcinoma because his dad, Thomas Mapother succumbed to the illness in 1984.

“Tom believes because of his genetic history, he could one day face the same scourge that killed his dad. He worries about the possibility, and that’s why he’s done everything in his power to make certain that doesn’t happen,” an unnamed source said.

In 1989, the actor reportedly visited a hospital and consulted with a cancer specialist to ensure that he doesn’t have the same gene that his dad had.

“He has a medical checkup at least twice every month of the year. He won’t touch fatty foods, and he began drinking large amounts of water with every meal after one doctor told him ‘flushing out’ his body after eating would prevent cancer,” the unnamed source said.

Dr. Jerome Spunberg, an oncologist from Florida, claimed that Cruise could be diagnosed with colorectal cancer or lung cancer.

“The fact that Tom’s father had this increases his risk for having the same illness. Colon cancer can often run in families. One in three people who have colorectal cancer will have a close relative with similar cancer,” Spunberg said.

And since Cruise is now 59 years old, and his dad died at 49 years old, the actor allegedly has more reasons to be worried about his fate.

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Tom Cruise Has An Active Lifestyle

This is not the first time that Cruise is rumored to be worried about dying from cancer. A similar storyline was published in 2012 and in 2017. But after all these years, Cruise is still healthy and well.

In fact, a source recently shared the actor’s secrets to his youth.

While speaking with Men’s Health magazine, communication consultant Dianna Booher said that Cruise’s interpersonal skills and work ethic have done wonders to the actor.

Cruise also has a very active lifestyle. During a previous interview, the actor said that he goes on the treadmill, does weights, goes rock climbing, jogging, hiking, and more.

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