Tokyo Revengers Episode 1 Release Date and Time, COUNTDOWN

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Tokyo Revengers is one series coming into the new season with the biggest amount of buzz because of the amazing 2020 it had. Not only was it announced that the series had 3 million copies in circulation, but it also won the Kodansha Manga Award in the shonen category! With press like that, it's no wonder this series squeaked its way onto our list of most anticipated new series!

Created by Ken Wakui, the series made its debut in Weekly Shonen Magazine in March 2017 and has already collected over 20 volumes as of February 2021. Kodansha USA is releasing the manga in English and are up to 19 volumes as of February 2021. In this story, the series centers on an adult man named Takemichi Hanagaki (played by Yuuki Shin) who sees on the news one night that the only girlfriend he's ever had, Hinata Tachibana (played by Azumi Waki) back in middle school, has been killed by the toughest gang in Tokyo. After being transported back in time 12 years, Takemichi finds himself back in middle school with the power to join that gang and change the fate of Hinata for the better. Animation studio Liden Films will produce the animation with Kouichi Hatsumi as the director working off series composition created by Yasuyuki Mutou.

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Tokyo Revengers Episode 1 Release Date and Time

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The first episode of Tokyo Revengers is set to premiere in Japan at 2:08 am Japan Standard Time on Sunday, April 11th. This puts it at premiering in the west at 10:08 am Pacific/1:08 pm Eastern so start your countdown.

Tokyo Revengers Where to Watch Episode 1

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As of this writing, only Crunchyroll has announced plans to simulcast this series as it airs as part of their spring lineup. It is always possible that it will get added to Funimation at a later date, but that has not been confirmed as of this writing.

Tokyo Revengers Trailer

What's amazing about this 2 and a half minute trailer is that even though we don't get to hear any of the characters speaking, we still feel like we've gotten to know them by the time the trailer is done. I don't need to hear these characters talking when I see them expressing themselves through actions for over 2 minutes.

Tokyo Revengers is a series that will appeal to fans of other time skip dramas like Erased and Steins;Gate. While it doesn't look like it's going to be a light and fluffy viewing experience like I've Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years and Have Maxed Out My Level, this looks to be a solid drama and, if well-executed, could become the sleeper hit of the season.

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