Tokyo Revengers Chapter 230 RELEASE DATE, SPOILERS, and Where to Read

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The latest Tokyo Revengers chapter sets up more one-on-one fights, and it seems like Mikey is finally joining the battle. Senju steps up as Brahman's boss as she finally makes a move against South of Rokuhara Tandai.

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Tokyo Revengers is a shōnen manga series by Ken Wakui. The manga began serialization in March 2017 under Kodansha's Weekly Shōnen Magazine. The story is currently at its final arc. Recently, Tokyo Revengers has become one of the most popular anime, following the release of the adaptation by Liden Films last April 2021. The series also has a live-action movie adaptation.


Tokyo Revengers Chapter 229 Recap and Summary

Hajime Kokonoi in the future timeline.
Credit: Liden Films

In the rain, Kakucho is standing in front of Mikey and Kokonoi with numerous men surrounding them, already lying on the floor. He says that Mikey just standing there and watching over the fight isn't something that he would usually do. It looks like Mikey isn't going to be just a witness to the War of the Three Deities anymore because Kakucho wants to fight Mikey.

South and Senju are now facing each other, getting ready to fight. Takeomi yells, telling Senju to stop it due to his concern for her. He says that he, Waka, and Benkei can handle the fight on their own. Senju isn't having it and tells Takeomi to shut up. She never thought the war would go through this path, but she knows she has to do something about it — otherwise, it would be over for Brahman.


South manages to hit Senju, but she doesn't fall to the ground. Takeomi continues to yell at Senju, telling her to stop because it would be impossible for her to win against South. Takemichi asks what he meant by that, and Takeomi tells him that Senju was included in the Three Deities due to the support of the first generation of Black Dragons. As South tries to land another hit, Senju enters into a different battle mode and continuously lands attacks on South. Everyone is shocked by her true strength and agility since it seems like she's been hiding it.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 230 Release Date

Hina and Takemichi at a festival.
Credit: Liden Films

Chapter 230 of Tokyo Revengers will be released on Wednesday, November 10, 2021.


Tokyo Revengers Chapter 230 Spoilers

Mikey laying comfortably on the ground.
Credit: Liden Films

Currently, no spoilers are available yet for Chapter 230 of Tokyo Revengers. They usually come out during the weekend.

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Where to Read Tokyo Revengers Manga

Kodansha's English website has a list of websites and other platforms where you can read or buy Tokyo Revengers. You can check them out here.