Todd McFarlane's Spawn Has Begun Casting

Great news for fans of Spawn; Todd McFarlane's ambitious comic book adaptation is finally going to begin casting. This particular comic book movie has gotten the attention of many a fan, not just because it's based on a popular Image character but also due to McFarlane directing, producing, and writing the film. Of all the comic book movies that have come out in recent years, none of them were directed by the creator of the property.

Speaking with, McFarlane confirmed that the final script of the film has been completed and he will be sending it out to Hollywood for the casting process. This is great news for the movie since previous reports have only ever focused on how Spawn will be different from other R rated comic book adaptations like Deadpool and Logan.

Here's what the Image co-founder had to say about the casting process:

"We just officially the other day had our first casting meeting, and so what that means for anyone listening today is with the final script we're going to start sending that into Hollywood to actually go pick up the cast members."

McFarlane also discussed how these casting meetings usually go, giving fans a neat look at how film castings are like:

"So what you do during those first couple of meetings is go through all the characters and then sort of throw some names and bat some names around for people you think might fit it. More specifically, are there actors or characters you've seen in other movies that you think fall into that pool, because all of that gives the casting director a picture so that they can go 'oh, okay, I know who to go after now that we're doing it.' So we've officially begun the casting process."

Spawn doesn't have a release date yet but at this rate, it could get one very soon.

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