Todd McFarlane Teases a New Spawn Animated Project

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We've all been waiting for the Todd McFarlane-directed Spawn movie, which has a lot of comic book fans excited. The fact that it's R-Rated and will supposedly treat the title character like a big horror monster like Jaws is really appealing and knowing that big stars like Jamie Foxx and Jeremy Renner will be starring in it has huge appeal. While we wait for more news on the film, McFarlane did tell fans that there could be a big animated Spawn project coming soon.

Speaking with, McFarlane reveals that he still has everything recorded for a project long ago, claiming that there are 90 minutes of unused footage that could be used for something. Considering the amount of success that the last Spawn animated series has, this is really good news for fans. Will we actually see this project? Probably not anytime soon if the movie's production is anything to go by.

"Actually years ago we started a second go-round at it, and I still have all of that work. And it includes all the voice recordings and everything. So I've got about ninety minutes of a show ready, teed up, ready to go; the only thing I need to do is the cell animation, everything else has been designed. Obviously we need to put some music and sound effects or something - but yeah, I've been sitting on a 90-minute version of it for a long time. I've just been waiting to launch the movie to say 'Hey, let's tumble this all out at the appropriate time.' But yeah, we'll get animation done."

McFarlane revealed this while speaking with but man, these animations were made years ago. We won't blame McFarlane for taking his time with these projects but we can only hope that the wait is worth it. Let's hope that is really the case since we could use more Spawn in our media.

No release date for Spawn has been revealed. The character is playable in Mortal Kombat 11 though.

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