Today's Webtoon Episode 7 Recap: Kim Sejeong Continues To Support Kim Do Hoon After Baek Suk Kwang’s Exit + Gets Worried About Lim Chul Soo’s Meeting With Youngtoon’s Editor

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Kim Sejeong becomes everyone’s webtoon deity in Today’s Webtoon Episode 7.

Today’s Webtoon is an ongoing K-drama adaptation of the popular Japanese series Sleepeeer Hit!.


The K-drama series explores On Ma Eum’s life, a former judo athlete who gives up her Olympic dreams after an accident. As she takes on a new role as a webtoon editor, the series shares the competitive nature of job postings in South Korea, especially in the webtoon industry.

Here’s what happened in Today’s Webtoon Episode 7.

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Today’s Webtoon Episode 7 Recap

Today’s Webtoon Episode 7 starts with a mystery woman reading a webtoon before Goo Jun Yeong appears in the background.

On Ma Eum spots Baek Eo Jin’s assistant, Im Dong Hee, while jogging around the neighborhood. He has been working under the veteran artist for the past 10 years before making his debut.


Meanwhile, Jang Man Cheol personally asks Yoon Tae Hee not to remove Webtoon from Neon’s homepage as it will affect the department’s sales even more.

After the meeting, he and Seok Ji Hyung talk to Goo Jun Yeong and ask him to make a report explaining why the webtoon should remain on the homepage. That way, they might be able to persuade Yoon Tae Hae.

At the same time, he remembers Heo Gwan Young’s warning about the end of the department.

Shin Dae Ryuk still learns under Im Dong Hee, but the latter artist suddenly starts feeling inferior to the aspiring webtoon artist.

When On Ma Eum visits Baek Eo Jin, Im Dong Hee overhears their conversation about Shin Dae Ryuk. A little commotion also happens due to Shin Dae Ryuk’s trauma which makes him uncomfortable around women.

Im Dong Hee’s mother also calls him and tells him to return home if he cannot make his debut this year. Because of Shin Dae Ryuk’s comment about On Ma Eum being his Almighty, Im Dong Hee also hopes that she can be like that to him, too.

Unfortunately, he feels a little discouraged by artists like Shin Dae Ryuk. Kwon Young Bae also warns On Ma Eum as her comments might backfire instead.

After forwarding Goo Jun Yeong’s report, Jang Man Cheol receives good news from Yoon Tae Hee about retaining webtoon on the homepage.

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Today’s Webtoon episode 7 also highlights Shin Dae Ryuk’s potential debut as his work will be considered to be released on Neon in the next few months. Im Dong Hee feels more threatened by the news, especially since the other assistant also sees his current status as a curse.

He discovers that he did not make it to the contest again and decides to sabotage Shin Dae Ryuk by deleting his works and breaking his laptop.

It turns out Baek Eo Jin knows what Im Dong Hee did, so he gives him helpful advice. After the incident, he decides to stop working as an assistant and drawing webtoons.

When Shin Dae Ryuk talks to Im Dong Hee before he leaves, he impresses the assistant even more by becoming the first person to realize that his webtoon is about an AI finding his identity.


While Im Dong Hee’s dreams come to an end, Shin Dae Ryuk’s journey begins.

Pomme calls Goo Jun Yeong due to her worrying stalker. On the other hand, On Ma Eum and Seok Ji Hyung find Na Gang Nam Youngtoon’s Jang Hye Mi talking Neon webtoon artist, Na Gang Nam, making them suspect that their competitor might steal their artist from them.s

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