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Today's Webtoon Episode 3 Recap: Kim Sejeong Finally Works As Webtoon PD + Learns The Tragic Status of Webtoon Editing Department

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Credit: SBS NOW/YouTube Screenshot

Today’s Webtoon episode 3 highlighted the rising issue surrounding Kim Sejeong’s department, the webtoon editing team.

Today’s Webtoon is a Kim Sejeong-led K-drama series that explores the life of a former judo athlete who decides to be part of the webtoon editorial department after an accident affects her capacity to join the Olympics. But the character faces no smooth path to becoming a true webtoon editor.

As she takes on a new role as a webtoon editor, the series shares the competitive nature of job postings in South Korea, especially in the webtoon industry.

Here’s what happened in Today’s Webtoon episode 3.

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Today’s Webtoon Episode 3 Recap

Kim Sejeong’s On Ma Eum and Nam Yoon Su’s Goo Jun Yeong are finally assigned to their respective webtoon artists. Jang Man Cheol and Seok Ji Hyung both decide on the assignments, telling On Ma Eum and Nam Yoon Su to work with Na Gang Nam and Pomme, respectively.

But On Ma Eum still feels shocked after learning that she was only hired for a year since the department will be scrapped a year later. Despite that, she chooses to work hard and learn things about the nature of her work.

Meanwhile, Nam Yoon Su now badly wants to leave the department and join another team instead.

Jang Man Cheol always asks On Ma Eum if she is sure that Na Gang Nam can make it to the deadline. Unfortunately, the artist halts his works after missing the calls of his girlfriend, Han Seul. After waiting for a long time, the department still has not received a draft from the artist.

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With that, she decides to visit Na Gang Nam and establishes a deal with him just to make him accomplish the episode. Fortunately, the writer makes it on time.

Nam Yoon Su seemingly has a change of heart by trying to work with them. Still, he clarifies that he still considers transferring to another department.

Na Gang Nam has one hater who criticizes his Princess Kumiho series. It turns out that it is On Ma Eum’s sister, On Nu Ri. The analysis report of webtoon also shows a decrease in the traffic and number of views of the webtoon series.

This causes tension between Seok Ji Hyung and On Ma Eum. But after she discovers the artist’s beginnings, she finds new hope and starts working closely with Na Gang Nam. She then bravely asks the artist to revise the whole episode of Princess Kumiho.

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