The Flash Tagged as Underrated Superhero by Fans

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Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

DC fans are now being asked if they think Barry Allen aka The Flash is an overlooked and underappreciated superhero. Television giant TNT decided to create an argument that lets diehard comic book fans share their thoughts on the iconic DC figure. It wasn't exactly specified which Flash they were talking about but I'm assuming they're not only referring to Grant Gustin or Ezra Miller but the Scarlet Speedster in general.


It all began when the television network randomly posted a photo of DCEU Flash played by Miller in the live-action Justice League, asking Twitter users the question: "Is the Flash underrated?" Naturally, superhero film geeks sounded off and gave their respective honest opinions and explanations as to why they think Barry Allen is (or isn't) underrated. Check out some of the reactions below:


If I were to be asked, I honestly wouldn't exactly describe The Flash as an underrated character. Sure, he may not be as popular as other comic book characters, like, say, DC's trinity of Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman but to call him overlooked just sounds crazy to me. In fact, he's prominently been featured in some of the DC universe's most compelling and iconic storylines throughout the character's run and he still is. Not only that, but Barry Allen has proven on multiple occasions that he's a valuable player, whether as part of the Justice League or on his own. So why call him underrated?

Credit: DC Comics

Speaking of, Andy Muschietti's The Flash film is slated to hit cinemas sometime in 2022.

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