06 Mar 2019 10:30 AM +00:00 UTC

Titans' Superboy Joins Instagram in the Best Possible Way

The season finale of Titans ended with quite the cliffhanger but also gave us an awesome post-credit sequence that got comic book fans excited: Superboy is coming. DC recently announced that the clone Kryptonian (Clonetonian?) will be played by Joshua Orpin and we're all hoping that he lives up to our expectations. Orpin recently decided to join Instagram and he has already made a positive first impression.

Embracing his new Superboy role, Orpin paid tribute to Babs Tarr's cover of Convergence: Superboy #1 by facing backward and pointing towards the S in his back with his thumb. While not the most iconic cover featuring the character, it's one of the better covers he recently wore and it could imply that this Superboy will embrace that cheesy ‘90s jacket.

It's also worth noting that the current Young Justice comic book by Brian Michael Bendis has the returning Superboy in his ‘90s outfit so all signs could be pointing towards this iteration of the character for Titans. Then again, they could go for the more serious version seen in the Young Justice animated series, where he wears a simpler (and more accepted) look that has him wear a simple black shirt with a red S.

Currently, no release date for the second season of Titans has been revealed, though it could come out sometime next year if we're being optimistic. Expect Superboy to play a huge part when the show returns to DC Universe in the Americas and Netflix for other countries.

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