Titans Season 4: Showrunner Addresses Possibility of Superman’s Arrival

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Credit: HBO Max/YouTube Screenshot

Showrunner Greg Walker finally addresses Superman’s possible appearance on Titans Season 4 after admitting they have “hints” of the Men of Steel.

Titans Season 4 will dig deeper into Conner Kent/Superboy’s (Joshua Orpin) story. His family lineage is said to be made out of Lex and Superman’s DNA. So as Lex Luthor (Titus Welliver) will debut in the new season, will fans see Superman, too?

Superman References in the Series

The series features several Superman references. In fact, the new season’s trailer just gives a glimpse of his statue.

So far, Superman is only seen on Superman & Lois in the Arrowverse and other DC Universe movies, but Kal-El is yet to make an appearance in any other ongoing DC TV shows.

So, in an interview with ScreenRant, Walker talked about the possibility of seeing the introduction of Superman in Titans Season 4.

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“Well, we would love it, and I think that's a story, that our show often that deals with [which is] fathers and sons. It feels like it would be a huge get to be able to do, and we could really do a lot with it if we got it,” he said. “For now, we're letting the DC Universe settle the way that it's settling. We have hints of Superman, and there'll be more; this is not the only one. So stay tuned. But it's something that we would love, and hopefully, one day, we'll come to realize on Titans.”

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How Can Superman Show Up?

With Lex Luthor’s coming to Titans Season 4, there’s a big possibility that Superman will also show up, especially since the villain and the Titans themselves will be heading to Metropolis.

Fans quickly think that the announcement of the new season’s setting in Metropolis hints at the potential to see Superman in the series.

The new season’s trailer has already introduced the main villain the Titans have to face this time. With Lex Luthor’s arrival, will the Titans get some help from a much stronger force?

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As the new big bad has been known as Superman’s No. 1 nemesis and is also the origin of one-half of Conner’s DNA, it just opens the door to Superman’s coming.

Titans Season 4 will premiere its first and second episodes on Thursday, November 3.

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