Tim Burton to Develop Live-Action The Addams Family TV Series

Though the Addams Family had come back in the form of an animated film, it looks like Tim Burton is ready to bring back the family to live-action.

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According to Deadline, Burton is teaming up with Smallville producers Alfred Gough and Miles Millar who will serve as showrunners for the series. We don't have much details for the show, but it's said that it will be focusing on Wednesday Addams as she tackles the present day. No doubt she would have been ecstatic over the Coronavirus—whatever passes for ecstatic to the infamously deadpan Wednesday.

Seeing that Tim Burton is the king of all things mysterious and spooky, it's kind of a wonder why he hadn't been involved with a property like The Addams Family before. After tackling the remake of Dark Shadows, it kind of feels natural that he would gravitate to a series that was a hit back in the 60s.

Probably the most recognized version of TheAddams Family for television was the show that came out in the 60s starring John Astin and Carolyn Jones. After that, you have the hit films from Barry Sonnenfeld that came out in 1991 and '93 starring Raul Julia and Anjelica Huston. There never really was another hit Addams property since, but the 2019 animated film is pushing forward with a sequel next year.

The Addams Family was actually a pretty neat concept when it first came out as a comic and was a gothic mirror at the ‘perfect American life'. With this new show taking place in the present time, I'm excited to see how Burton and his team will put a "spooky" filter on the already troubling times.

No release date has been set for the Addams Family TV series, but the sequel is set to hit theaters on Oct. 8, 2021.

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