Three New Solo: A Star Wars Story Posters Released

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Solo: A Star Wars Story is only a few weeks away from hitting cinemas and Lucasfilm has done a solid job at advertising the spin-off, despite a few setbacks. One thing the studio has done well in regards to the film's advertisement is the stylish promotional materials that have been released thus far. That trend continues with three stylish new posters.

First off are the two cool-looking posters, each one showcasing the heroes and villains. While many are expecting Woody Harrelson's character to be the main baddie, Enfys Nest takes that credit for now since the heel turn will likely be a surprise in the movie. Still, there's no denying how cool these posters look and how pumped up fans will be when they see them.




Now comes the best poster of the three, as it solely features Alden Ehrenreich as Han in the character's iconic relaxed pose. This is definitely a callback to his first appearance in A New Hope, moments before he shoots Greedo. George Lucas awkwardly edited it to make Greedo shoot first but we all know Han is a killer.


Disney and Lucasfilm have done a great job with these posters and it seems like they might be the last of the bunch, with Solo: A Star Wars Story hitting cinemas on May 25.

Via ComicBookMovie

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