Thor: Ragnarok Writer Denied Story Credit By The Writer's Guild

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Thor: Ragnarok has many fans excited for it, since it feels like it will be a fairly important chapter before we head into Avengers: Infinity War. Add the wonderful trailers that have hype written all over them, plus some funny lines and you have a fun blockbuster for November. However, it isn't fun for everyone behind the scenes, especially when someone who worked hard on the film's story gets no credit.

Stephanie Folsom went to Twitter and revealed that Marvel gave her a "story by" credit, but the Writers Guild of America (WGA) are denying her the accomplishment. Apparently, there is a two person limit when it comes to the "story by" credit, and the WGA have given it to Christopher Yost and Craig Kyle. It's quite the injustice, and one that Folsom is hoping to fix.


Marvel gave Folsom the credit, so it's clear that the company wants her name to be in the movie. Right now, it's not clear what Folsom can do to get it recognized by the WGA, but fan support should help. Considering how fun Ragnarok looks, and the amount of homages to Planet Hulk and Walt Simonson's Thor run, she deserves better.

Thor: Ragnarok is slated for a November 3 release.

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