Thor: Ragnarok Editor Says Film Didn’t Use That Much Comedic Improvisation

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Thor: Ragnarok might be the most colorful and most comedic entry in the Asgardian God of Thunder's (Chris Hemsworth) film trilogy, but it seems like Taika Waititi's superhero space buddy movie had a lot less comedic improvisation than his team was used to.

Sitting down to speak with Screen Rant, Thor: Ragnarok editor Zene Baker said that the film had a lot less improvised footage than he was used to.


"I'm used to a lot more heavier improv than the amount that he (Waititi) did, actually. I was talking earlier, typically on the previous comedies I've done, typically for a two-minute scene I could (cut it down from) ten to fifteen hours of footage, whereas for Thor maybe for a two-minute scene – this is hypothetically – I could (cut it down from) six hours of footage. So for me, honestly, it was kind of – I don't mean this in a bragging sort of way – it was actually kind of easy. Oh, wow, six hours, that's a piece of cake."

This might come as a surprise to fans especially after Waititi told audiences at this year's San Diego Comic-Con that almost 80 percent of the film's dialogue was improvised, but it's actually a pretty good thing for editors. It's hard for film editors to work with too much improvisation, and it seems like Baker had a pretty easy time with Ragnarok.

Thor: Ragnarok is currently screening in cinemas.

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