Thor: Ragnarok Almost Gave the God of Thunder a Completely Different Look

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Thor: Ragnarok concept art has been a popular subject with fans recently, thanks to reveals from artists that worked on the acclaimed MCU film. We previously saw early looks at Hulk and Valkyrie, before their eventual designs were chosen. Now, we get the God of Thunder himself, with some of the most Jack Kirby-like armor seen thus far, at least when it comes to the concept art of the film.

Shared by artist Aleksi Briclot on Twitter, he confirmed that director Taika Waititi originally wanted the armor to look similar to a Jack Kirby design. It does have the odd disks in his torso, which were a prevalent part of the character's early look. The helmet and armor look similar to New God Orion from DC Comics, who is another Kirby creation.


His eventual design was probably the wisest choice since it fits the mood of the film, while keeping Thor's warrior appeal. Still, the design of Briclot is pretty cool and it would be nice to see it used somewhere else in the near future. Perhaps a video game? Maybe on Thor 4?

Marvel has set Thor: Ragnarok for its digital release on February 20 this year, preparing fans for its DVD and Blu-Ray release on March 6.

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