Thor Actor Chris Hemsworth on How Marvel Movies Can Help Cinema Post-COVID

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The COVID-19 pandemic has had a major impact on the entertainment industry. Not only has the spread of the novel coronavirus shut down the production of major film and television projects, but it's also delayed major blockbuster movies after forcing cinemas to shut down to prevent the outbreak from spreading further.

Though it's going to take a while before cinemas begin opening again, Avengers: Endgame star Chris Hemsworth believes that Marvel movies can help save theaters. Speaking in an interview with The Philadelphia Inquirer to talk about his latest project, Extraction, the Thor star was asked whether movies from the Marvel Cinematic Universe could help save cinema from the hurdles posed by the coronavirus pandemic.

Hemsworth couldn't help but agree when the site suggested that MCU movies could save cinemas from closures by restoring "the moviegoing habit."


"Films [like Marvel] that you can best appreciate on the big screen, those will draw people out of their homes again," Chris responded. "I'm with you on that."

We have no doubt about Marvel drawing fans out of their homes to see the latest Marvel movie. The question right now though, is whether it's safe to go to cinemas. The COVID-19 pandemic might be a major threat to the economy, but it's also a danger to civilian's health.

Marvel fans aren't advised to go to places where they can't practice social distancing.

Marvel's next release, Black Widow, has been delayed to a November 6 release in light of the coronavirus outbreak.

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