15 May 2015 1:53 AM +00:00 UTC

This Guy Made A Great Comeback After Girl Claimed That Disney Only Makes White Princesses on Purpose

You'll find a bunch of complaints about the lack of diversity in Disney films, particularly with princesses. We've already heard a lot of them say that Disney's been white-washing their princesses, like this girl online who claimed that to be true. But is it really true? A guy made the perfect answer to counter her statement. Check this out: 

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Image source: Higherperspectives

Do you think this guy made a great point about Disney princesses or is he just being insensitive? Do you think Disney should develop more stories that are not based in non-European settings? Correction: Merida is Scottish, not Irish. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below. For more Disney updates, click here to Like our Disney fan page on Facebook.