22 Jan 2018 1:25 PM +00:00 UTC

This Funko Pop Captain America Short is Wild

Captain America and Red Skull face off once again but in Funko Pop form. You know, those big-headed figurines with the same goofy face?

Created by Marvel and Funko Pop, this short film features an underwater showdown between Captain America and Red Skull. 

Over the past few months, Marvel and Funko released a few of these shorts on YouTube. They're pretty much fancy toy commercials, but these family-friendly superhero shorts are fun to watch. It's good to see a classic villain who's apparently gone in the MCU. Watch the short here: 

The ending of this video is insane. It shows Cap knocking the Skull into a torpedo tube inside the villain's submarine, and then, he fires the torpedo into the air with the Red Skull on top of it Team Rocket blast-off style. 

This reminds me of Saturday morning cartoons I watched as a kid. 

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