This Amazing Lightsaber Beat Game Shows You The Power of Virtual Reality

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Screenshot: Ruirize

If you think Guitar Hero, Dance Dance Revolution, and Rock Band were cool, you haven't seen the amazing modded lightsaber virtual reality game that makes them all obsolete yet.


Twitch streamer Ruirize shows off the power of virtual reality with this epic modded game that lets the user double-wield lightsabers and chop to the beat of the music. Watch Ruirize smash virtual blocks to the perfect beat of Kaskade's Never Sleep Alone. It looks extremely fun and if Lucasfilm and Disney decide to make an official Star Wars game like this, it will probably sell like pancakes. They will surely motivate a lot of people to exercise. The video was created using Liv technology. Hopefully, we see more of these videos in the near future. 

Watch the video below: 

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