These 1997 Magic: The Gathering Commercials Remind Us How Much The Best Trading Card Game Has Grown

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"All you need to play is a brain, a deck, a friend" 

1996 was the year I started playing Magic: The Gathering, the best trading card game in the universe; and a year after that, I saw this commerical on TV, and after a friend brought this up, it reminded me how much this game has become a phenomenon. It's a subculture that I'm a part of. I know some of you non-Magic players out there probably think this strategy game is cheesy after seeing this nostalgic commericial, but just try to go to one of the Grand Prix events or pick up a preconstructed deck from Wal-Mart, and you'd probably be hooked as well. 

And here's the Magic: The Gathering commercial presented by South Park characters: 



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