The X-Files Reboot Speculations, News & Update: David Duchovny's Interest For Another Installment Sparks Renewal Hopes

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Should The X-Files reboot plans materialize, David Duchovny says he's still open to returning for another season.

In 1993, Duchovny introduced Fox "Spooky" Mulder, a conspiratorial-minded FBI agent. Agent Dana Scully, his pragmatic partner and the skeptical contrast to Duchovny's compulsive investigator, was played by Gillian Anderson. The show had an initial run of nine seasons, terminating in 2001.

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David Duchovny is down for The X-Files reboot

In a recent interview with Yahoo! Entertainment, Duchovny stated that he's still open to The X-Files reboot. He commended showrunner, Chris Carter, for his ability to predict cultural upheavals through his storytelling, adding that many of his plots from 1993 still ring true today.

“I'm always up for more, clearly. Someone sent me a clip of Joel McHale from the 2016 episodes we did, and it's a spot-on description of where we're at six years later,” the actor said. “I don't think Chris Carter gets enough credit for being [prescient].”

What Gillian Anderson says

While Duchovny is eager to return to the X-Files universe, he will almost certainly have to do it without his loyal partner. Anderson has indicated that she has no desire to reprise her role as Agent Scully after X-Files Season 11, stating that she does not want to be tied to one character for the rest of her career.

FOX indicated at the time of her departure that the series would not continue without Anderson's input, so getting another The X-Files reboot off the ground could be challenging, at least with the original core ensemble.

However, because Duchovny was missing for much of Seasons 7-9 of the original program, there is precedent for the show to continue without one of its main characters.

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A show deserving of reboots

The X-Files franchise, however, had plenty of life remaining in it. In addition to the 1998 film X-Files: Fear the Future, which was released during the show's original run, the series received a sequel in 2008 with X-Files: I Want to Believe.

The Lone Gunmen, a show that featured several of the primary series' supporting characters/comic relief, got a short-lived spinoff in 2001.

And the series would be given fresh life when it was relaunched as a six-episode limited series in 2016 that proved successful enough for FOX to order a season 11 in 2018.

While The X-Files reboot appears bleak, at least one of the cast members is still interested.

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