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The Witcher Star Henry Cavill Shares Interesting Origins of Iconic Mission: Impossible Arm Reloading Punches

There is little doubt that Henry Cavill has worked on a lot of action-packed projects that have turned out to be truly iconic. However, the Black Adam star's most memorable action moment would have to be in Mission: Impossible - Fallout where he appears to "reload" his arms in preparation for a fist fight.

So was that intentional for the character? The Witcher actor has just admitted that the awesome "arm reload" is actually his personal move that ended up being in the theatrical cut of the Tom Cruise movie.

Henry Cavill was recently a guest on the Happy Sad Confused podcast where he revealed the truth behind the iconic arm reloading scene (via Screen Rant).

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"Everything starts to get quite sore after a while, because it’s a lot of repetitive motion. And the connective tendons in my biceps were getting sore, so I had to warm them up before I threw punches. I would literally do that to warm them up," Cavill said.

He continued that he did the move out of habit while filming the scene and although he apologized to Christopher McQuarrie about it, the director liked it so much that he urged Cavill to do it again.

"I did it once, and I thought ‘Oh God that probably looked really stupid’… And I said, ‘Oh sorry, I’ll do that again.’ And he’s like, ‘do what?'... And then I did another take without doing it, and he’s like, ‘Why didn’t you do that thing? That was really good.’ And I was like, ‘That was good?’ And he said, ‘Yes! Definitely do that.’ And we did," Cavill said.

It's interesting to know that Henry Cavill does that move in real life and now we're wondering if he'll repeat it in The Witcher Season 3.

The Witcher Season 3 will premiere on Netflix in mid-2023.

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