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The Witcher Showrunner Admits She Always Planned to Cast Henry Cavill as Geralt

There was a time when people found out that a live-action adaptation of The Witcher was being produced and we immediately began fancasting the role of Geralt of Rivia. Although there were several names mentioned, Henry Cavill emerged as a fan favorite right away. Interestingly, fans weren't the only ones who could imagine the Justice League actor as the White Wolf. Showrunner Lauren S. Hissrich has admitted that she felt the need to cast Cavill in the Netflix series right from the start.

Cavill was recently interviewed by Men's Health and the profile also includes some interesting quotes from Hissrich. For one, she confirmed that she met hundreds of actors auditioning for the role but kept getting drawn to Cavill.

"All the time I was writing, I kept hearing Henry's voice in my head," Hissrich confessed. "In the books, Geralt is fearsome, but he also has this amazing dry wit. We needed someone to play both ends of the spectrum, someone who could see all the trauma of the world he's in but could also step back and roll his eyes once in a while."

To be honest, Cavill wasn't my personal choice for Geralt since he seems too young to play the character. However, the two trailers (and that bathtub scene in the second one) has pretty much convinced me that Hissrich made the right call. Now we simply can't wait to see Cavill bring Geralt to life this December.

The Witcher will premiere on Netflix on December 20.

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