The Witcher Season 3: Henry Cavill Returns As Geralt in Action-Packed Trailer

The first teaser for The Witcher Season 3 is finally here and it offers our first glimpse at Henry Cavill's final outing as Geralt of Rivia. Interestingly, the trailer seems to confirm that the White Wolf is at his most vulnerable in the upcoming season.

The teaser for The Witcher Season 3 opens with Geralt preparing for a fight by drinking his potion. As he gets ready to attack, he somehow admits that this is the first time that he finally understands real fear.

But what is Geralt actually afraid of? It may have something to do with Ciri, who is shown fleeing from the Wild Hunt and Yennefer faces off against some bad guys. Even Jaskier isn't safe at this point so all of these things could be leaving Geralt feeling vulnerable.

The Witcher Season 3 is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated shows of the year considering that fans have been waiting for the new season since 2021. This is also the last time we'll get to see Henry Cavill as Geralt since he announced his departure from the series.

In late 2022, Henry Cavill confirmed his exit from The Witcher and it was announced that Liam Hemsworth will take over as Geralt in the fourth season of the Netflix series. Although fans were dismayed by the departure, it was a small comfort to know Cavill will be back for one last season.

The Witcher Season 3 will also bring back Anya Chalotra as Yennefer of Vengerberg, Freya Allan as Ciri, and Joey Batey as Jaskier. The third season is expected to adapt parts of Andrzej Sapkowski's books Blood of Elves and Time of Contempt.

The third season of The Witcher will be split into two parts. Volume 1 will premiere on Netflix on June 29, 2023, while Volume 2 will begin streaming on July 27, 2023.

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