The Witcher Season 2 to Reportedly Bring Back Surprise Character

Credit: Netflix

Credit: Netflix

One of Geralt's old flames from The Witcher Season 1 will reportedly return for the second season and her appearance might mean something bigger than expected!

According to Redanian Intelligence, Danica will make her way back to The Witcher Season 2 in one of its episodes. Played by Imogen Daines, Danica is the sex worker that Geralt was with in the third episode of Season 1. She attends to Geralt as she discusses his scars.

Danica isn't necessarily seen as a major character and aside from the beginning of that third episode, she didn't make another appearance on the show. The return of a minor character is truly intriguing, so it's unclear how Danica will fit into Season 2's complicated storylines.

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Credit: Netflix (via Redanian Intelligence)

The first time we saw Danica was way before Citi was born too, with the current timeline set years after that. It's likely that we'll see Danica in a flashback sequence with Geralt. Then again, it's also possible that if she does return in the current timeline, Danica would be much older.

As the outlet pointed out, it's also possible that we might see Danica appear alongside Anna, a character who's said to be a sex worker as well, who eventually joins a group of soldiers.

While Redanian Intelligence has been proven reliable on several reports about The Witcher, of course, with no official word from the streaming giant, it's best to take this with a grain of salt. Regardless, it'd be interesting to see how Danica will fit into the current timeline, should she appear on the show other than a flashback scene.

The Witcher Season 2 is expected to arrive on Netflix sometime in 2021.

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