The Witcher: Here's Why Henry Cavill Didn't Perfectly Recreate Geralt's Bathtub Scene

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Anyone who has watched the first season of The Witcher would be pleased with how the series adapted the books and paid tribute to the games. After all, we got a scene featuring Geralt of Rivia relaxing in a tub just like that infamous scene in The Witcher 3. But was there something missing in the sequence? Henry Cavill has addressed the scene and explained why the Netflix show was unable to perfectly recreate Bathtub Geralt.

The infamous bathtub scene in The Witcher 3 actually featured Geralt putting his feet up as he sat in the tub. This didn't happen in the series but Cavill told BBC Radio 1 that it was impossible for him to do the same thing.


"I don't know how many people realized how iconic it was, that there was already a visual attached," Cavill said. "And so, when I was getting into that bath, I was sitting there thinking, 'I wonder if anyone knows how much this is going to explode, this particular scene.' I was trying to put my feet up, and I couldn't; the bath was the wrong shape. But I thought that might have been a bit much as well."

So I guess it was the prop department's fault? Either way, Cavill did his best to recreate the Bathtub Geralt scene and fans are truly grateful.

Credit: CD Projekt Red

Cavill is expected to begin filming for The Witcher Season 2 this month. The series is then set to return on Netflix by 2021.

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