The Witcher Fans Slap Back at Critic Saying Women Can't Fight With Swords

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The first season of The Witcher certainly proved that women can play significant roles in a fantasy series. However, one critic was unimpressed with the way the female characters were portrayed in the Netflix show, claiming that they couldn't fight with swords. Not surprisingly, several fans are slapping back at the comments on social media.

Andrew Klavan is the host of The Andrew Klavan Show podcast which airs on the Daily Wire and for some reason, he was displeased with how Queen Calanthe led a major battle sequence and fought with a sword (via Newsweek).

"Immediately I was put off by the fact that there's a queen in this who fights like a man," Klavan said. "There's a couple of scenes where women fight with swords. And I just hate these scenes, because no women can fight with swords. Zero women can fight with a sword."

Klavan went on by stating that women are most likely to get killed when fighting with a sword. "A woman with a sword could kill somebody who doesn't know how to fight with a sword. But in a war situation, where you are swinging this five to ten pound sword again and again and again, against much, much, much stronger men, they are going to kill you," he said.

It's a shocking statement about women and sword-fighting and it didn't take long before people began firing back at Klavan for his claims.

Interestingly, Klavan isn't backing down on his statement, as shown in a recent tweet.

What do you think of Klavan's claims? Sound off in the comments below.

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