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The Witcher: Blood Origin Trailer Highlights 7 Warriors, Jaskier's Mysterious Arrival

We're only a few weeks away from the premiere of The Witcher: Blood Origin and a full-length trailer has been dropped. The new teaser offers a better understanding of the seven warriors who will be playing a major role in the spin-off series. In addition to that, Jaskier's mysterious cameo in the Netflix prequel may have been explained.

The trailer for The Witcher: Blood Origin opens with a confirmation. The story takes place 1200 years before Geralt of Rivia meets Princess Ciri and is set to explain what happened to the ancient Elven golden age on the Continent. We get a better look at Michelle Yeoh's Scian as well as her companions Eile and Fjall.

There is a lot of interesting footage in the Witcher: Blood Origin trailer including a glimpse at a monolith being created. It was previously confirmed by show creator Declan deBarra that the prequel will reveal how these structures are created.

"We learn the origin of the monoliths here," de Barra said. "Who first made these monoliths? Why? And then we kind of understand how they became so important in the world of The Witcher later and the power that was bestowed upon them and how that came about. They're the catalyst for a lot of what goes wrong in this world."

This is exciting considering that it has already been proven that the monoliths are a major part of the Continent. However, it's the surprise cameo at the end of the trailer that has fans truly hyped up for the prequel.

The Witcher: Blood Origin trailer concludes with Jaskier wondering about the part he will play in the story. The mysterious narrator then stated that he is a bard and she needs him to sing a story back to life. It is then revealed that the storyteller is Seanchai who is played by Minnie Driver.

The Witcher: Blood Origin premieres on Netflix on December 25, 2022.

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