The White Lotus Season 2 Adds Audrey Plaza as Lead

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A new major casting coup for The White Lotus Season 2 has been announced, with Aubrey Plaza joining the next installment of Mike White's smash HBO series.

In addition to previously cast member Michael Imperioli, Plaza, who will be a series regular on Mike White's hit social satire limited series, has been confirmed as the second official cast member for the upcoming follow-up.

Who will Aubrey Plaza Play in The White Lotus Season 2?


According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Parks & Recreation star will play Harper Spiller, "a woman on vacation with her husband and his friends." The description is ambiguous, so it's unclear who will be the worse nightmare for White Lotus resort workers: Harper, her husband, or his friends? There's no indication of who will play her mysterious husband.

With Plaza on board, the cast of The White Lotus's second season becomes even more enticing. Jennifer Coolidge's return as Tanya, who dominated the show whenever she was onscreen during the first season, was revealed last October. Nothing has been divulged about Tanya's plans for this time around.

The series also reintroduces HBO alum Imperioli, who previously featured in The Sopranos as fan-favorite Christopher Moltisanti. Imperioli will play Dominic Di Grasso, "a man traveling with his elderly father and college-age son."

The White Lotus Season 2 Details

Even before HBO officially renewed The White Lotus for Season 2, series creator, writer, and director Mike White told EW that he preferred to continue the project rather than start over with a new TV show premise.

"I would do another season because I feel like there's a way to get at some new themes and do it in a way that feels fresh from this one," White told EW.

Changing locations is one major factor that will keep The White Lotus Season 2 fresh. For practical reasons as well as to change up the storytelling, the show will not return to Hawaii for the next round.

The White Lotus, in the show's universe, is an international network of luxurious resorts. Which country's climate is even more distinct from Hawaii's will be set for the next season? Only time will tell.