The Walking Dead Season 7 Trailer Coming at SDCC 2016

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There's still a good three months before The Walking Dead season 7 finally arrives. For fans who have been closely watching the series, the last episode of the sixth season had been the worst of cliffhangers so far.

To tide fans over the long wait, San Diego Comic-Con 2016 attendees will get a treat. That is, a teaser trailer for Season 7. Though I doubt it will name who gets Lucille's love.


The Walking Dead AMC Twitter teased this trailer announcement, stating that it will be showcased on July 22. If it is a full-blown trailer, I wonder how they'll pull it off without revealing the big outcome of Negan's head-bashing. I'm sure fans will be counting the live bodies that will appear and speculating on whether those who are not shown actually got the bat.

Even now, fans are already speculating on what the trailer will bring. Long-standing theories have pointed to the possibility that Glenn will live, as opposed to what happened in the original comic book.

Apart from the fact that The Walking Dead series has already deviated from a couple of characters' outcomes—Andrea, Judith, Sophia, to name a few—Glenn's death in this case would have less of an impact.

After his ordeal of hiding beneath a dumpster to survive and keeping fans waiting for a few episodes before his fate's revelation, his death will not hold as much emotion after that. Unless, of course, the series runners will do something about it.

Fans on the Twitter comments have been wishing that their favorites will be spared. Resounding names are Daryl (my own bias), Maggie, and even Glenn. For now, the trailer should suffice, even though we all know we won't see who got Lucille-d.

Who are you crossing your fingers to live until next season?

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