The Walking Dead Adds Series Regulars Days Before Season 8 Production

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Now there's more for you to care about (or hate, depending on which side you're rooting for) in The Walking Dead.

Three faces have become series regulars, so we won't be seeing them getting beaten by the bat or bitten by the Walkers anytime soon. TV Guide confirmed that Jadis, Simon, and Enid actors are regulars, meaning they may also have a lot more screen time.


Jadis, portrayed by Pollyanna McIntosh, is the leader of the junkyard dwellers, the Scavengers, as well as the greatest betrayer to Rick and the gang. Whether you loved that sudden switch or not, you'll be seeing more of the eccentric mercenary in season 8.

Steven Ogg is The Walking Dead's resident tough guy with a tougher attitude. And it doesn't help that his character's badassness is backed by being not only the voice actor but also the look-alike of GTA V's Trevor Philips. Simon can make you want to hurl a lot of pain on, him but also fearful that he'll roll it back to you twofold.

Finally, everyone knows Enid, portrayed by Katelyn Nacon. Her story and relationship with Maggie has taken on a more serious turn as she becomes the latter's protector-slash-daughter of sorts.

These confirmed series regulars come at an opportune time, because we've finally gotten word on when production will start for the new season. According to the Walker Convention Twitter, actor Jeffrey Dean "Negan" Morgan announced at the panel:

"We start shooting in 10 days, and I haven't seen the scripts. I might be dead. Daryl might be dead."

Now that's most likely a tease, but being a Daryl fan, that kind of tease makes me feel nauseated at best. The Walking Dead will be back on AMC later this fall.

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