The Umbrella Academy: Who Is Jennifer?

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The Umbrella Academy: Who Is Jennifer
Credit: Netflix

If you've caught up with The Umbrella Academy Season 3 you'll probably remember hearing about the "Jennifer Incident" from the Hargreeves siblings? However, no information is given apart from a few subtle hints. So, who is Jennifer in The Umbrella Academy and what's her connection with Ben?

Who Is Jennifer In The Umbrella Academy?

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Credit: Netflix

As of Season 3 of The Umbrella Academy Jennifer's identity has yet to be confirmed. The Hargreeves siblings do not talk about who she is, but it's clear that they all understand each other when they talk about the "Jennifer Incident." Jennifer is thought to be associated with Ben's death in the original timeline.

Their cryptic discourse surrounding Jennifer suggests that the siblings would rather not talk about her, perhaps due to any connotations with Ben's death - an event that was highly traumatic for all of them.

Of course, since the Hargreeves siblings know exactly what they're talking about, it would make sense for them not to analyze for the audience's benefit.

After three seasons, however, it becomes increasingly apparent that, for any reason, the creators don't want us to know just yet; if this wasn't the case, they would've found a way to include this information in the form of flashbacks.

Perhaps this is going to be one of Season 4's grand reveals, but, for now, Jennifer's identity remains a mystery.

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How Is Jennifer Connected to Ben's Death?

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Credit: Netflix

One of the biggest unsolved mysteries in The Umbrella Academy is how Ben Hargreeves died in the original timeline. His siblings mention that his death was associated with the "Jennifer Incident" but provide no further information.

In the alternate timeline of Season 3, whereby Ben is still alive, Victor finds himself in Ben's room, where he observes that Ben has made a drawing of a woman named Jennifer.

Whoever Jennifer is, we know, therefore, that she has existed in both timelines, though we don't know her exact connection to Ben.

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As the alternative timeline's Ben is a much colder and more unpleasant person than his original counterpart, it's possible that the original Ben sacrificed himself for Jennifer - whoever that is - while the Ben of Season 3 survived by refusing to do the same.

On the other hand, it's possible that Jennifer was the enemy, or at least somehow responsible for Ben's death. In any case, even the new, ruthless, Ben must have felt something for Jennifer since he has made drawings of her.

Could Jennifer perhaps be one of the other overpowered children who were born at the same time as the Hargreeves? There is no indication for that, but it's another interesting theory.


Hopefully, The Umbrella Academy Season 4 will finally explain the "Jennifer Incident."

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