The Umbrella Academy Star Reveals How Cast Prepared for Season 3's Epic Dance-Off

There is little doubt that The Umbrella Academy Season 3 had a lot of memorable moments but the best one would have to be the epic dance-off between the Hargreeves and the Sparrows. Although it looked like the characters were having fun as they flawlessly executed the dance moves, David Castañeda has revealed that it wasn't easy to prepare for the scene.

In The Umbrella Academy Season 3 Episode 1, the Hargreeves were immediately confronted by the Sparrows and although it looked like this was going to be a fight, Marcus and Luther begin dancing to Kenny Loggins' Footloose. This leads to a dance-off which turns out to be Diego's hallucination.

We're loving the scene but Castañeda told TV Insider that it was difficult to prepare because it all had to happen over Zoom.

"The dancing was quite exciting and nerve-wracking, especially because I’d never done anything professional in terms of choreo and work with a dance choreographer, John Heginbotham," Castañeda said. "But having to do Zoom rehearsals and learn video tutorials of how to make the moves and obviously watching Footloose and understanding the rhythm and then going and actually doing in-person rehearsals was fun."

He then added that filming the sequence was even more difficult.

"And once we got on set, the dancing was supposed to be delayed for about another six weeks, I believe, because of COVID protocols and the providence of Ontario didn’t allow, I think, more than 10 performers. Because obviously the Sparrows and Umbrellas together, we were somewhere around 13 — 14, if you include Mom, Grace [Jordan Claire Robbins]," Castañeda said.

It's interesting to note that all the hard work paid off. The dance-off immediately had fans hyped up for the series.

All episodes of The Umbrella Academy Season 3 are now streaming on Netflix.

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