The Umbrella Academy Might Have Spoiled Vanya's Gender Identity Ahead of Season 3

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There's no denying that since coming out as transgender in December 2020, the spotlight has been on Elliot Page and what he's been up to. While it initially sparked mixed reactions from fans, the support Elliot got from his peers and followers was too overwhelming that they were able to just shrug off the critics. Now, the Juno and X-Men actor is gearing up for his comeback as Vanya Hargreeves in the third season of The Umbrella Academy which is expected to hit Netflix sometime this year.

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Credit: Netflix

Speaking of the hit Netflix series, it looks like the people behind the show are teasing massive changes for Elliot's character in the show. Turns out, some of the post descriptions from The Umbrella Academy's official Instagram page have dropped she/her pronouns for Vanya. For context, an old post captioned "her eyes see the world in an extraordinary way" has been edited out to "these eyes see the world in an extraordinary way".

Another post featuring Vanya and her sister Allison was also altered from "sisters do what sisters do" to "sibs do what sibs do" which seems like an indication that the show will actually incorporate Elliot's gender into their character. As it stands, we've yet to confirm whether or not Vanya adapts Elliot's real-life gender identity.

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Vanya has always been portrayed as a cisgender female in the show and in the comics but it's obvious that the character will undergo some major changes following Elliot's transition. And while some insiders have previously claimed that the minds behind the series have no plans of changing Hargreeves' gender identity, the edited posts pretty much suggest otherwise and frankly, it's a no-brainer.

The Umbrella Academy Season 3's release date has yet to be announced.

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