18 Dec 2016 8:56 PM +00:00 UTC

The Top 20 Holiday Gifts for Marvel Fans

It’s time for the holidays and many of you are still looking for the perfect gifts for your friends. Marvel comics and movies are particularly popular right now. What should you get the Marvel fan in your life, whether they’re a diehard geek or just someone who wants to know more? Well, here are just a few suggestions for giving your loved ones a super holiday.

  1. The Marvel Trivia Box Game

    If you have a friend or loved one who has a mind like a steel trap when it comes to Marvel facts, this trivia card game could give them the perfect opportunity to really strut their stuff. It boasts “hundreds of questions about your favorite Marvel characters” as well as 20 collectable character cards. Buy this for someone, play a game with them and let the fun begin.

    Get it here.

  2. The Marvel Encyclopedia

    The official Marvel Encyclopedia is something hardcore fans will enjoy, but it’s also a great gift for those who are just getting into the Marvel universe. Comic books have years and years of backstory and continuity to deal with and even the most seasoned fan can get confused.  Listing tons of characters and events in an easy-to-navigate alphabetic format, this encyclopedia can help fans keep it all straight. It’s up to date with the latest events too.

    Get it here.

  3. Avengers Monopoly

    It's the classic board game with a superheroic twist. It’s actually a game that feels a little better than the classic version, since you’re doing good rather than being a Wall Street shark. Instead of buying up locations, you’re “saving” them. Instead of collecting cash, you collect power-ups for your heroes and you deal with SHIELD cards and villain cards rather than chance and chest cards. When all the locations are saved, the person with the most heroic power wins. So if you feel like spreading justice instead of capitalism, this is the perfect Monopoly for you.

    Get it here.

  4. Captain America's Shield Cutting Board

    This is the perfect gift for a friend that loves cooking in addition to Marvel superheroes.  Just like Cap’s real shield, this cutting board is nearly indestructible, being resistant to heat up to 360 degree and to stains as well. With a clean glass surface and non-slip rubber base, it’s perfect for cutting food on and can also be used to protect your counter from heat and water damage. 

  5. Marvel's Captain America 'Be the Hero' Apron

    Another fun item for a Marvel fan who likes to cook is a themed apron. With this apron, anyone can cook like Cap, displaying his muscled, heroic body as if it were their own. It’s a one-size-fitsmost article of clothing too, so you don’t have to worry much about whether it will fit.

    You can check out the Amazon FAQ for the complete dimensions when you get it here

  6. Marvel Peel and Stick Wall Decals

    These little stickers make the perfect cheap but fun gift for any Marvel fan. They allow you to easily decorate your room and give it some superheroic pizzazz with iconic Marvel chracters. There are over 22 different ones, they’re easily removable and you can even stick them to car windows. According to comments, the heroes available in this set of decals are Cyclops, Iron Man, Hawkeye, Captain America, Thor, Spider-Man, Falcon, Hulk, Storm, Black Widow and comic book sound effects like “Pow” and “Krunch”.

    Get it here.

  7. LEGO Marvel's Avengers Video Game

    Got a friend or loved one who likes video games. Legos and Marvel? You’re in luck then, because this game nicely combines all three. This game features over 100 unlockable Marvel characters to play around with it. It’s also got open world gameplay, so fans can visit different awesome locations in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. There’s also the trademark LEGO game humor and fun. So if you want a light and funny video game with epic action in Marvel style, this is a good choice. It’s available on Playstation, 3DS and X-box Platforms. You can even get it via digital download.

    See all your options here.

  8. Marvel Captain America 3D Deco LED Wall Light

    Who could turn down a tiny version of Captain America’s shield embedded in their wall? That’s exactly what this little light offers as it’s cleverly designed to look like Cap’s classic weapon protruding from a broken wall. It’s cordless and battery operated, so it can be placed anywhere in the room too.

    Get it here.

  9. Women of Marvel 2017 Calender

    Let’s give it up for the ladies. If you know a superheroine addict, this is the perfect gift for them. It features some pretty nice illustrations of Marvel heroines, including Gamora, Captain Marvel, Black Widow, Silk and She-Hulk. A powerful woman for every month.

    You can get it here.

  10. Marvel Deadpool Fair Isle Winter Knit Hat

    It’s a chilly time of year and Marvel’s offering a perfect way to bundle up with the merc with a mouth. This snug knit cap features a picture of everyone’s favorite mouthy assassin with a healing factor and his logo. It’s also one size fits most, provided one is over 14.

    You can get it here

  11. Marvel Funko Pops

    As far as figurines go, it’s easy to see why Funk o Pops are, well, popular. They’re cute, relatively inexpensive and make a great addition to any décor. You can find a Pop of almost any character, so a sure way to get to a Marvel fans heart is to get a figure of their favorite hero. I’d advise just searching Funko Pop on Amazon, but if you’d rather have a set than a specific character, this grouping of Deadpool, Silver Surfer, Wolverine and Hulk is a good deal.Get it here.

  12. Loungefly Captain Marvel Purse and Wallet

    If you know a Marvel fan who needs a cute purse to transport stuff in or a cool wallet, this one is a good bet.  It’s a well-made zip-up polyvinyl purse patterned after Captain Marvel’s uniform. Loungefly also offers other purses and wallets featuring Marvel characters to choose from.

    You can get the purse here and scroll down to see the option of the wallet and so. 

  13. Marvel Holiday Sweaters

    If you want some Christmas sweaters for friends featuring their favorite Marvel characters, you’re in luck because there’s a few to choose from. The best example’s include a Men’s Spider-Man sweater with the webslinger’s symbol front and center here. You can also get a women’s Avengers Sweater here

  14. Marvel Salt and Pepper Shakers

    Marvel fans are often described as salty and this is the perfect way to keep the salt supply replenished. There are a wide variety of Marvel salt and pepper shakers for someone who wants to add a little superhero flavor for their food. The cheapest are these with Captain America and Iron Man one here, but there’s also cute Funko Pop Spider-Man salt and pepper shakers here.

  15. Marvel Adult Coloring Books

    Marvel coloring books are fun for kids and adults alike and there’s a wide variety of them available. You can color young adorable versions of Marvel characters with Color Your Own Marvel by Skottie Young here. There’s also one devoted the Marvel superheroines called Color Your Own Women of Powerhere, a Deadpool coloring book here and a Civil War coloring book here.

  16. The Avengers Throw Blanket

    Sometimes it’s nice just to cuddle up under superheroic blanket. The fleece Avengers blankets allow fans to do exactly that. The warm and soft blanket is perfect for casual napping and lounging around and it’s machine washable to boot. It features various Avengers like Iron Man, Thor, Captain America and the Hulk. Get it here.

  17. Marvel Mugs

    Have a piping hot cup of justice with the wide variety of Marvel mugs out there. There are tons of ceramic mugs out there for Marvel fans. There’s mugs featuring The Avengers, Deadpool, Iron Man and even the Guardians of the Galaxy. You can see a bunch of them here simply by checking out the “also viewed” section when you go to look at the Avengers mug here.

  18. Marvel: Absolutely Everything You Need to Know

     For anyone who wants to know bizarre Marvel facts, this book is perfect. There’s also lots of fun, colorful illustrations and little tidbits. It’s not the comprehensive look at the Marvel universe the title implies it is, but it’s a good overview and most buyers seem to agree it’s very fun and pretty. If you want to buy a book that will tell you about that time Thor was frog, you’re in luck.

    You can get the book here.

  19. 25 Marvel Comic Starter Bundle Plus Bonus Searchlights Comic Sticker

    This is a great gift for someone who likes Marvel movies and wants to get into comics but doesn’t know where to start. It’s a good introduction pack. The comics range from the 1980s to today so there’s a good variety of stories. However, it should be noted that the packet is put together pretty randomly, so it’s possible to get duplicates, according to reviews. Nevetheless you can get it here.

    There’s a version comes with a Marvel pint glass as well, get it here.

  20. A Marvel Unlimited Digital Subscription

    Starter packs are all well and good, but what do you get for a fan who’s already a comic junkie? There’s no way to find out what comics they’ve read and if you ask, you’re tipping your hand as to what you’re getting them as a gift. That’s where a Marvel Unlimited Digital Subscription comes in handy. This allows your comic loving friend or loved one to access any comic they want. They can pick and choose for themselves what they want to read. It’s a great deal, as it gives you access to over 17000 different comics. It’s not really a physical gift too, so it’s convenient to just e-mail it to your loved one rather than having to wrap and send a present if they live far away.

    Get the subscription here.