The Top 16 Weirdest Versions of Batman

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The Dark Knight has gone through many iterations in his long career. And whether they’re bizarre transformations or strange alternate universes, some of them are pretty exciting and interesting. So let’s dig into some of the weirdest alternate versions of Batman out there. Do you have any weird versions of your own to add? Say so in the comments!

  1. Batman: Citizen Wayne

    This comic, which seems to exist entirely for the sake of a pun, depicts a world where Two-Face aka Harvey Dent becomes Batman after his entire face is destroyed. He hunts down and accidentally kills the person responsible. Bruce Wayne is a newspaper publisher who doesn’t approve of this murderous Batman and he goes after him with gusto. At the end of the comic, the two men die in a final battle. 

  2. Priest Batman

    In Batman: Holy Terror, Gotham City is part of some dystopian Commonwealth America controlled by a corrupt Church. In this version of Batman's origin story, his parents are revealed to have been executed by the state for rebelling against the twisted government.  After becoming a priest for the order, Bruce finds a demonic costume from a passion play his father participated in and uses it as his Batman guise. He investigates the corrupt Church to bring it down. 

  3. Serial Killer Batman

    Catwoman: Guardian of Gotham reimagines the world of Gotham if Catwoman became its protector. You’d think this would mean Batman would take on the Catwoman role of morally ambigious anti-villain love interest, but, well, this Batman… He’s a straight up blood-crazed serial killer. Just like Catwoman. y'know. Wait.

    He murders the rest of Catwoman’s villains just to eliminate the competition, marries her to get at her money and then tries to kill her. He has no real reason for doing this either. 

  4. Stan Lee's Batman

    This is mostly notable because it’s a version of Batman by Stan Lee. And apparently when asked to “do Batman” Stan just kind of mashed together Spider-Man and Luke Cage. His version of Batman was wealthy man named Wayne Williams who was set up by a gang leader named Handz and imprisoned under false charges. After getting out of jail, he finds he has to wrestle as Batman to make ends meet. Yep, that all sounds just a little familiar. 

  5. Cyber-Batman

    In Batman: Digital Justice, it’s the end of the 21st century but we still need a Batman. This Batman is the grandson of Commisioner James Gordon and he dons the costume to save Gotham City from a sentient computer virus. He’s aided by a sentient computer and a robot Alfred. The entire comic was actually rendered digitally in keeping with theme, though it being made in the 1990s, it wasn’t especially impressive looking.

  6. Vampire Batman

    Vampires and Batman seem like a pretty natural combination and Batman & Dracula: Red Rain delivers on that front. In the comic, Bruce becomes a vampire after fighting Dracula and proceeds to hunt down the rest of Dracula’s family. He even teams up with a werecat version of Catwoman. However it all comes to an ugly end when Bruce loses control and drains the Joker’s blood. He convinces Alfred and Commissioner Gordon to stake him. But then they stupidly decide to un-stake him and he goes on a murderous rampage and kills most of his rogues gallery. Oops. 

  7. Time Traveling Batman

    The Return of Bruce Wayne had amnesiac Batman traveling through time and featured several alternate versions of Bats as a result. The first was Caveman Batman, who fights with crude tools while wearing the pelt of a giant Bat. Then there’s Puritan Batman, who aids the witch-hunters and gets his entire family cursed as a result. Then we meet Pirate Batman, who fights Blackbeard. Next it’s off the the Wild West and to see Batman becomes a masked  cowboy gunfighter…despite not using guns and still having a code against killing. Yep, it’s pretty weird.

  8. Batzarro

    You’ve gotta include Batzarro in a list of bizarre Batmans- it’s right in his name and all. He’s what Bizarro is to Superman- Batman’s doppelganger who is the opposite of him in all the ways. Instead of becoming Batman after his parents were shot and killed by a criminal, he became Batman after shooting his parents himself. He can seen gunning down couples in Crime Alley. He calls himself “The World’s Worst Detective” and wears his utility belt upside down with all the comparments open and empty.

    Apparently he was created by the Joker because the Joker wanted to “kill a Batman”. He apparently succeeds when Batzarro sacrifices himself to save the original Batman, but Bizarro puts him in the Phantom Zone to heal him.

  9. Li'l Batman aka Chibi Batman

    Chibi Batman might be the cutest version of Batman out there.  This superdeformed verson of Batman hails from a earth where things are a lot nicer than Batman’s main universe. Instead of being shot in front of him, his parents were instead cruelly shoved by bullies, which began tiny Batman’s lifelong crusade.

    This version of Batman was called to help the real Batman enjoy life a little for once, but the encounter just ends in horrible tragedy. Moral of the story: Batman must never be allowed to enjoy life.

  10. Batmouse

    Batmouse can be found in Captain Carrot and the Zoo Crew. In this world, all the Justice League are funny talking animals. You’d think the animal version of Batman would be, you know, a BAT…but apparently not. It’s a mouse and we just have to live with that. His sidekick Robin is an actual Robin though. He’s called “Boyd, the Robin Wonder”. And Batmouse’s most terrible villain? The Porker- a pig version of the Joker. 

  11. FrankenBatman

    In Batman: Castle of the Bat, Bruce becomes a doctor like his dad, but finds out he has a weird obsession with sewing body parts together. He finds his father’s brain and in order to be “reunited” with his father, he decides to build a body for that brain. This results in a Frankenstein’s monster-type creature, naturally. Bruce also infuses it with Bat DNA, just for kicks. The creature is pretty unhappy with its new look and goes on a rampage as the“Bat-Man”, but it all works out pretty well in the end, since he ends up killing the guy responsible for the deaths of Bruce’s parents. 

  12. Sorcerer King Batman

    In Superman/Batman: Sorcerer Kings, Batman is an accomplished mage who has a giant-ass dragon named Batwing and hangs out with vampires. Another version of magical Batman is the appropriately named “Batmage”. His story takes place in a world where a sorcerer named Cobblepot killed Bruce Wayne’s parents and so Batman became master of the Dark Arts. Why you’d want to base an evil sorcerer off the Penguin of all villians and not someone cooler is beyond me though.

  13. The Batman of Zur-en-arh

    The Batman of Zur-en-ah basically started out as Batman if he had the powers of Superman and had no sense of color coordination. He’s an alien named Tiano who ropes our Batman into battling robots on his own planet. He’s called the “Superman of Planet X”.

    Grant Morrison bought back the 1958 story and put it back into continuity in his own whimsical way. In his version of the story, the Batman of Zur-en-arh turned out to be a backup personality Bruce Wayne had created to keep Batman going even when he was mindwiped or driven mad. I guess the weird outfit was just some added pizazz.

  14. Batmite

    Batmite is a magical imp- I mean, he’s a being from the fifth dimension who uses technology we can’t understand. Or something. A pixie-like floating manchild to idolizes Batman, he often tries to help him but ends up causing trouble for him instead. He’s Batman’s version of Mr. Mxylptlk, even if he’s only accidentally antagonistic.

    Batmite’s another one who saw a strange comeback thanks to Grant Morrison, where he’s delusion that helps Bruce hold onto sanity. He’s also made appearances in cartoons like Batman: The Brave and the Bold, where he sort of acts as an ausience surrogate, breaking the fourth wall and conversing wth the fans watching directly.

  15. Nazi Batman

    Yes, there’s a Nazi Batman and yes, he does have swatstika sloppily drawn inside his bat symbol. He exists in a universe where he and the rest of the JLA are agents of Hitler, who managed to win World War II. They’re called the JL-Axis. GET IT. So this guy is a full Nazi, to the point of commenting he’s “normally averse to interracial relationships”. Not a good guy to hang around with by any stretch of the imagination. 

  16. Sir William

    In a strange combination of Arthurian Lore and Batman, this version of the Dark Knight is a literal knight of the round table who betrayed King Arthur and is trapped in his Castle Bat until he atones for mideeds as a result. Of course, it’s kind of hard to atone for your misdeeds when you can’t leave your house. Fortunately, Sir William discovers he can mentally project himself into a suit of armor and bring it to life. He uses this handy ability to enchant a suit of armor to defend London as Batman.